getting the new camper and setting it up

At the end of July of 2010 we decided to buy a new truck camper. After going to three different RV dealers we ended up at RnR rv in Liberty Lake Washington. The sales man was very good, I have no complaints at all. We looked at a few truck campers and we found the one we wanted. The beginning of August we went to pick up “our” camper.


The truck we had to pick up the new camper was pretty funny looking carrying the new shiny item. Yes the old 74 Chevy looks ugly but it’s a work horse that has never failed me.


We did go on a few short trips with the new camper and the old truck. Then we came along the truck we use to this day. A 1999 Chevy 350 dually. It has a 12′ flatbed. I really wanted a flatbed for the camper and just could not pass this truck up.


I had to do some modifications to get it onto the flatbed. First thing was to extend the camper jacks out to clear the 8′ wide flatbed. I decided to use a heavy gauge c channel to do the job.


I also had to cut a notch out of the wood deck on the flatbed so the sewer drain pipe could fit in it. That pipe sits lower than the bottom of the camper.


Next was to get the camper on the truck.


I have the camper tied down with torklift derringers. They grab the eye hooks that go through the steel flatbed frame. The next thing that I had to do was to mount stairs to the flatbed. The camper came with a fantastic rear entry “comfort step”. I took that off and used the flip up stairs for this project. I also added a rack for the spare tire up above the cab. There is enough space with the camper sitting an extra 8″ higher since it’s on the flatbed versus a regular bed.


I later added a rear mounted bbq and bike rack to the flatbed. The bbq is piped into the camper with a quick connect fitting.


I got the side walls built. They are not permanently attached to the flatbed or the camper. They fit into the stake pockets of the bed. Then there is a gap between the walls and the camper. That’s for movement while traveling and ease of removal of the camper when I need to.


I did a couple little tweaks here and there with the walls over the last few months. One thing was to add a better access to the city water hook up and the electrical outside outlet.


I also over time added a rear camera, cats eyes tire monitors for the dual tires, a second battery, led lighting and a rack for holding things inside the camper. That rack was made by a dear friend who has since passed on.




I am sure I will find something new to add over time. The camper is at this point set up very nicely for the way we use it right now. So maybe this story is an ongoing one. We will see what the future brings.

10 thoughts on “getting the new camper and setting it up

  1. Great blog. I sure would like to get up that way this summer…So many places…so little time. I have a 2011 855 on s 2003 F150 and have really enjoyed it so far. I have a old navy buddy up there name Norman “Corkey” Myers who was a Capt. on one of the big boats on the lake and sure would like to see him again. Anyway I enjoyed the pictures and can’t wait to get up there.. Great looking family and rig….Ron

  2. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later on. Cheers

  3. Great Blog!! I have a 1998 Chevy k2500 extended cab & long box. Is yours a 2500 or 3500 chevy? Ive been looking @ the Camp-Lite 11 ft TC I DO like the flatbed idea! I’ve also bookmarked Your site, Thanks.

  4. I like your creative camper. I like the way you make it all work. Rear stairs are good too. I just bought a new ram 3500 and I will be doing the same thing.

  5. Great write up. I’m doing something similar. Putting a 1997 S&S 8.5′ on a 1997 Chevy k3500 flatbed. The bed is 9′ so I’ll have a little gap between camper and headache rack. Great spot for collapsible table and similar things.

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