fall colors caravan – october 2012

Fall, a beautiful time of the year. The cooling day temperatures and the crisp colder nights. My favorite time of the year. Fall means one thing, it’s time for the FALL COLORS CARAVAN. The caravan starts on the west side of the cascades highway, highway 20 in Washington state. As we live on the east side of the state, we head to Winthrop a few days before the caravan arrives. So on a Wednesday we started heading that way. We left Spokane after work and made our first stop at Coulee Playland Resort. It sits on Banks Lake just south of Grand Coulee Washington.


It’s a nice place. Especially during the off-season. There is hardly anyone there during that time of the year. We got a couple of things set up then went for a walk around the resort. We then came back to the camper and had dinner. We sat there eating our dinner and watched the sun set.

The next morning I came out of the camper early in the morning, as i usually do. I watched the rising sun shed it’s light onto the changing colors of the coulee cliffs. There were big forest fires going on to the west and north so the colors had all types of reds and oranges.


We ate our breakfast then started our drive towards Winthrop. We took highway 174 out of Grand Coulee. There was all kinds of burnt out areas along the highway from a fire that passed through the area just a few days before. You could smell the burnt ground while driving. A bit further up the road we came into a thick smoke screen over the highway. There was another big fire to the north that was spreading its smoke to the south. Driving through the thick smoke lasted about 15 miles then it cleared. Highway 174 turns into highway 17. It crosses the Columbia river at Bridgeport washington. We made a stop there just to the east of town.We wanted to check out Bridgeport state park. What a wonderful park. It will be a must stop camping place for us when we have the time and are in the area.


We walked around the park for 20 minutes or so then continued our trip to Winthrop. The trip continues on highway 17 to highway 97.  When we reached highway 153 we turned onto it. northbound 153 takes us through the Methow valley. A very pretty drive following the river. We arrived at Winthrop a while later. We checked into the campground, our stop for the next few days at Silverline Resort. Silverline is just a couple of miles outside of Winthrop on Pearrygin Lake. It is a very nice campground with even nicer owners. We got our things set up at our spot and relaxed for the day.



Friday we headed into town to do some looking around. Winthrop is a town all made up to look like a western town. Lots of stores, a couple of restaurants and things like that. I wanted to stop at the brewery there to get my “growler” filled up but sadly they were closed until later that day. We did not want to wait so we headed to the apple cider house just a mile away from the campground. What a great place and great cider. They have hard cider and regular cider. I was there for the hard cider, i know…. what a surprise. They have a big tent with couches and chairs set up under it next to the booth where they sell the cider. Music was playing, the sun was out and we had a glass of cider in our hands. Was there a better way to spend the day? We could not come up with one.


We then headed back to our camper and had an enjoyable evening. On saturday morning we awoke to yet another sunny day. Joanne went into town with a couple other truck camper friends who were at the campground ahead of the caravan also. A fellow TC friend, Cody and I walked down to the state park on the lake. They were having some hydroplane races on the lake that weekend. They were a smaller class of hydroplanes but fast enough for sure.


Later that afternoon the truck campers on the caravan that came from the west side of the cascades highway started showing up.



Once everyone shows up that means one thing….POTLUCK TIME! We all got our meals prepared to share with everyone at the club house. It always amazes me what people are able to make while in the campers.



The food was great as it always is. The camp hosts handed out prize give aways and their thanks. We all had laughs and good times. Later we ended up sitting around the fire and talked and joked. The fire… remember all the fires going on that I talked about earlier? Well that meant we could not have a traditional camp fire, wood burning. However, propane campfires were okay. So we had 5 (I believe it was) propane campfires sat in the middle with us all huddled around. Adapt and over come we say. It was a great end to another great day. We got up the next morning to a biscuits and gravy breakfast that was supplied by a couple other tc friends for everyone. We all enjoyed it for sure. They were delicious. We then started getting packed up and lined up for our caravan to Leavenworth Washington. It was a smaller caravan this section but still so much fun. There is nothing like seeing a bunch of truck campers following each other down the road.



We made a stop along the way at a state park for a stretch of the legs.




Time to get back on the road.


We arrived at our final nights stop at Apline View RV Park. We got parked and setup. Then we headed into town for dinner at King Ludwigs in Leavenworth.






After dinner we went back to the campground. There was more chatting and joking and enjoying each others company. Some more prizes were handed out again too! The next morning we all said our goodbyes as it was the end of the fall colors caravan, sadly. It was as always so enjoyable to see friends once again. We left, heading back to the Spokane area. Stopping a couple of times to take in the scenery of the basin in central Washington.


The fall colors caravan is something we try our best to not miss. This was the second year we attended this caravan. It is so much fun and we can not wait for the next one in fall of 2013.


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