our labor day weekend 2012

We went back and forth on what to do for labor day weekend. It was just a couple of days before the weekend and everywhere was booked up of course. I was not about to stay at home and do (dirty word) chores. We thought about going to a campground that is real close to us and chance it for an empty spot. Then I was on-line and I saw an ad for the 20th annual fall festival up at Schweitzer resort in Sandpoint Idaho. Yes, the “beer” in the ad caught my attention and it said something about being kid friendly and wine there too. Probably good things since our 6 year old would be with us and my wife doesn’t like beer but likes wine. So I laid out the idea to my wife and she said yes.

We left friday after work and headed to my mother’s place up near Schweitzer to stay the night.



On saturday morning we left my mother’s place and headed up to Schweitzer mountain. There was free parking in the lower lot and overnight rv stays were welcome. No hook ups but that’s no big deal.  We got there early so parking was simple. Although is it ever really hard to park with a tc?




We got settled in then walked up to the resort. Now I have been to a beer fest or two but never at this one. When we got there we were amazed at all the things going on. There was a kid zone, lots of booths selling things and all the resort stores were open too. There was a music stage with bands playing, the wine tent and of course the beer tent.




We decided to go on the ski lift to ride to the top. Eventually we rode it a few times but on the first trip we hiked back down, a 2.5 mile hike. The weather was fantastic and the views were amazing. We stopped a few times on the hike down to pick some huckleberries. I was surprised to see so many berries still out at this time of year.


The view of the parking lot and resort. I don’t have the best camera so please excuse the zoom in quality.


It was a great day. So much to see and do. The festival ended at 6 pm so we headed on down to the camper. We sat out and enjoyed the evening watching the big moon rise above the mountain. We had a great nights sleep then headed back to my mother’s place to stay for another night.  I guess our son Cody was still worn out from the previous days activities. He slept where he fell for a lunchtime nap. He is under that pile of blankets. I guess he just couldn’t make it into the camper.


I can not believe that we have never been to this festival before. We may have missed the 19 years before but we will make this our annual labor day weekend trip from now on.

labor day weekend 2012

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