a winter camping trip to schweitzer mtn resort – january 2013


We left our home on friday at 9 am and headed to the mountain. It’s about a 75 mile drive from our home, not a bad drive. The roads were great and not snow-covered. It was a cloudy day as it has been for the last few days around Spokane. We started our drive up the mountain and we emerged out to find fantastic sunny skies.

schweitzer jan 2013 004

our camping spot on the mountain

We got everything set up and relaxed and enjoyed the views for a couple of hours. We then got our ski gear on and headed out to do a little night skiing.

schweitzer jan 2013 015

the view from a ski run that evening.

We skied for about 3 hours then headed back to our camper. It sure is a bonus that we can ski right to our camper door. We started a fire and kicked back to have a nice relaxing evening looking at the stars. Our son Cody hung out in the camper.

schweitzer jan 2013 018schweitzer jan 2013 017

We slept nice and comfy in the camper. I woke up to watch the sunrise on another fantastic day.

schweitzer jan 2013 020

watching the sunrise from the camper

After a good breakfast that Joanne made and some coffee we set out for another great time on the mountain.

x (5)

if you look you can see that the resort is above the clouds. poor suckers down below dont know how pretty it is up here

x (3)

rich, joanne and cody up on top of schweitzer mountain

x (20)

rich loving this ski day

x (16)

joanne really gained on her skiing skills on this trip.

x (13)

cody started skiing last year and is already doing very well.

x (9)

we love this picture

We went down to the camper for some lunch. We had found out that some friends had showed up with their camper. However they were told to park at the lower lot as the one we were at was full. We walked down to the lot attendant and told him that there was a spot next to us. So they got the camper moved up to beside us. Our friends are not skiers but they still had a great time up at the resort. There is so much to do up at this resort.

schweitzer jan 2013 021

truck campers at their best…camping

We headed out to ski for a few more hours. Then we all met up for some chili dinner served up at the campers. Then we headed up to the resort main area to watch the torchlight parade followed by fireworks. That really was very cool seeing that. First the groomers came down, followed by the skiers and boarders with torches. After that the firework show started.

schweitzer jan 2013 026

the groomers followed by the red torches carried by the skiers and boarders

schweitzer jan 2013 030

my camera batteries died after this shot. so i could not get anymore pics. they were great let me tell you.

After the show we all headed back to the campers and sat around the fire and chatted.

Then sunday morning rolled around. Another great sunrise and breakfast. Cody and I went skiing all over the mountain, while Joanne stayed on the bunny hill to advance her skiing. We all had a great time. Our friends ended up leaving that day.

schweitzer jan 2013 035

Cody loving skiing with daddy and daddy loving it too.

schweitzer jan 2013 037

soaking up the days last sun rays before going up to the resort

After skiing that day we went up to the resort area and did some wine tasting and ate some great cheeses. That was followed by going into the lodge where they had games for the kids going on. After that Joanne and I sat around another nice cozy fire and looked at the stars.

Monday morning rolled around and we took our time getting things packed up to go home. I really wished it was not ending.

It was a terrific short vacation. Another great memory to keep. On one of the nights while I was sitting around the campfire, there was a person walking up behind us by the resort. He yelled down at me saying, “now that’s the life”. It sure is the life, it damn sure is.

schweitzer jan 2013 003

sorry about the one way sign but we could not get the right picture angle.


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