the biscuits, the river and the cache – february 16-17 2013

Saturday morning and it’s time to hop in the truck and drive the camper to the Sportsman Cafe in Spokane Washington for a small breakfast gathering. There would end up being ten of us getting together for this great meal.

The biscuits…

I really do enjoy the biscuits and gravy they have at this restaurant.

Our orders are taken and we talk about what else? Truck campers and everything about them of course.

feb 16-17 2013 001

feb 16-17 2013 002

Prizes were handed out to everyone while we waited for our food. Some prizes were donated by Johnson RV in Spokane Washington. A big thank you to them!  We chatted about things to come for camp outs and rallies, our set ups and how everyone has been doing. Another great breakfast gathering with friends.

Out in the parking lot we see two of our campers ready to go and one truck soon to be in the same position.

feb 16-17 2013 003

Joanne and I were taking the camper out locally for a night out camping, just the two of us after breakfast. We went to Riverside State Park. You may have read a blog from earlier talking about this wonderful treasure, “in our backyard”. It was nice and close and this time of year there would not be many people camping.

The river…

We pulled into the state park campground and found a spot we wanted. Not a hard chore as there was only two other campers and the camp host there.

feb 16-17 2013 005

We plugged into power and got a couple of things set out. Then Joanne and I went for a walk to do some geocaching. This would be the first time geocaching for us. After talking about it with friends and reading about it, it was something that we really wanted to start doing. There were two caches to find on this day. So we set out.

The cache…

We set our coordinates on the app I have on my phone for geocaching and headed in the direction it told us to go. Was it the right direction? We hoped so. Along the hike there was beautiful scenery along the way.

feb 16-17 2013 008

feb 16-17 2013 011

BRRR!!!! Theses guys are nuts!

feb 16-17 2013 014

We were getting close to the cache hiding spot. I peered over a cliff and could see below something that looked like a good hiding spot. We found our way around to it and what do we have here under a pile of rocks?

feb 16-17 2013 013

feb 16-17 2013 016

Oh yeah! We found it! This was our very first geocache find. We gave each other a high-five and open the box up, read the log book and exchanged a treasure. Then we placed it back and put the rocks back over it. It was time to go find another cache. Heck this caching thing is a blast. We go out on hikes anyway so why not do the geocaching along with it?

The trail took us past our campsite on the other side of the river.

feb 16-17 2013 018

We then did find our second cache. We again opened up the box and read the log book and exchanged some treasure.

feb 16-17 2013 019

feb 16-17 2013 021

It was getting later in the day so we hiked back to our camper. We enjoyed the evening with some dinner and beverages. We did not have any firewood with us but no fear, we have our little red campfire to use. That thing has come in handy many times.

feb 16-17 2013 027

We set off to bed. The next morning was a very pretty day. No clouds and the sun starting its climb up over the trees. There was another cache to find before we left to go back home. The views never grow tiring.

feb 16-17 2013 028

The trails in the direction we had to go were a bit more slippery. We took our time and everything was fine.

feb 16-17 2013 029

I felt I was being watched and I looked around a bit more. Hey look!

feb 16-17 2013 033

feb 16-17 2013 034

We continued on to find the cache. We arrived at the cache location and searched for a half an hour but no luck. Maybe it’s buried under a rock that is still frozen to the ground. We decided to give up, for now. We will come back later in the year when the ice is gone. Another relaxing hike back to the camper with wonderful views.

feb 16-17 2013 035

We got back to the camper and put things away to head home. It was a nice relaxing and fun night out camping. You don’t always have to go far to get away from it all. You just need to get out there and do it.

the biscuits, the river and the cache. february 16-17 2013.

4 thoughts on “the biscuits, the river and the cache – february 16-17 2013

  1. From the looks of it Steve was saying something really important, LOL! Next time tell me to smile….good gawd!!

    So I got you hooked on caching huh? Sorry I forgot to bring my gps for you to check out. I’ll bring it next time so you can see if you want something simple like mine or more elaborate.

    The pics are amazing! I love the wildlife & the view of the river.

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