triple dam(n)

Why triple dam(n)? On todays trip we went by and viewed two dams. Why the triple? Because we did not take our camper, damn.
It was a beautiful winter morning with the sun out shinning and fairly warm with it being in the thirties outside. There was a geocache that we wanted to try to find. It just so happened to be right near a DNR campground that we wanted to check out too. So we took off for a road trip, with out the camper sadly. Our first stop was at the geocache. The location was at the Tum Tum Painted Rocks. We would have missed this place if it was not for the geocaching. There were no signs letting passerbyers know what was here, even with it right there next to the highway.



We walked around and tracked in on the cache in an area behind the paintings. There it is!


After signing the log book and placing the cache back into its hiding spot we drove just a short distance to the turn off for Long Lake Campground, a DNR operated campground. Even though the website said it was open all year, it was not. So we parked at the gate and walked in to check the place out.This campground is a very neat place. 11 sites with a host site. No hookups but we don’t mind that. They do have pit bathrooms. Here is a view from a view-point at the campground.


We will come back to camp at this location later for sure. We liked the place. From there we drove up the highway a bit further to go see Long Lake Dam. This is a neat dam rich in history. Down below the dam there is a wonderful day use park that we stopped at.


After walking around a bit at the day use park we set back out for the road trip making a circle back to our starting point but this time on the other side of the river. It is a pretty drive and good roads.


Back at the end of the loop drive we did is Nine Mile Falls Dam. We stopped and looked around.


Here is a sign that talks about the dams and the Spokane River.


Here is a google map link of our loop trip:

It was a great short day trip to an area I have never been to. I have lived in this area for many years but I never ventured out this way. I am happy that we did. What I keep slapping my head for is why we did not take the camper? It would have been nice to have our mobile kitchen and bathroom and relaxation home with us.


triple dam(n) february 23 2013

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