it’s a dog’s life – march 1st – 3rd 2013

First thing let me introduce myself. My name is Buddy. I am a three-year old , long-haired dachshund. My owners Rich, Joanne and Cody adopted me from the dog pound in November of 2012.


I have heard the stories from my owners about all the camping they like to do. Until this trip, I have not been able to go. So when they told me I was going to go camping with them I was very excited. We all got in the truck and headed to Gifford Campground for the weekend. Gifford campground is on Lake Roosevelt (the Columbia River) in Washington State.


This time of year there is few if anyone at the campgrounds. I was looking forward to enjoying this thing they call camping. We arrived at the campground and selected a site. That was real easy as there was only one other couple camping in the whole campground. Gifford campground has 42 sites not including the group site or tent sites. So yes, it was tough finding a spot with having to share the campground with one other camper. Hey I’m trying to be funny here, I may be a dog but I still have a sense of humour. Here is where we set up for the weekend.


There is a ferry crossing right by the campground too.


After we got set up and went for a walk around, we sat and relaxed. The weather was a bit chilly but not too bad.


It was time to head inside for bed. I was worn out by such and “active” day. Boy, this camper sure is comfortable.


The next morning we all got up and started our day. It was a bit foggy out in the morning but nice out.


We walked out to the end of the dock to look back at our camp spot.


Later on Cody tried out his new bike that he got for Christmas. There has been ice and snow on our road at home since then, so this was finally a time he could try it out.


We went on more walks. It’s funny how they say they are taking me for a walk. Don’t they know it’s really me taking them for a walk? Oh well, as long as it happens I am okay with it.

We then played some games. Battleship and Mexican Train Dominoes.


Dinner time. Yep, it looks like Joanne and Cody are doing a good job cooking up some dinner.


After dinner it was walk time. I sure do love going on all these walks. So many smells around here. I can smell deer, geese, ducks and so many other things. I just can’t help but sniff sniff sniff.


That evening we relaxed some more. You know, there seems to be a lot of that on these camping trips. That is perfectly fine with me. We watched the sun set on another day.


After a great nights sleep we got up and had some breakfast. Breakfast looked great!



Well, I did not get any of that breakfast but they did give me something to eat that I like. I finished my breakfast and took in the sights. We would be leaving here soon to go home.


It was time to head home. Here are a couple of pictures of our return trip home.


I hope you have enjoyed my first trip out camping. It sure was a fun time. I can not wait until the next trip!

So once again, my name is Buddy and I hope to meet you out camping some time.


5 thoughts on “it’s a dog’s life – march 1st – 3rd 2013

  1. looks like everyone had a great time…gotta love your dog, I wouldn’t take a million dollars for mine, but I wouldn’t give 15Cents for another one! Great trip report..

    • we actually have a bike basket for him to mount onto joanne bike. it will be here tomorrow, monday. we ordered it from ebay. a real cool basket.

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