a little snag – august 9-11 2013

This weekends trip started with a little bit of a snag but ended up at a great campground, Snag Cove.

On Friday after work we headed up north to Gillette Lake on highway 20 in Washington state. As we were going to arrive late on a Friday we chose to make reservations at a resort there at the lake instead of using the forest campground to insure we had a place to stay. That area can get real busy with people camping. We were to be there for just one evening then we would move on. Well, we got checked into the resort and parked at our spot… water didn’t work at the site, the bathrooms were closed and out of order. We walked back to the resort office and they said, “oh, we should have told you when you made the reservations”. they offered to move us and that we can use the honey bucket bathrooms they brought in. I told them no and that I want my money back. They should have let people know ahead of time then surprise them when they get there. So we left and looked for a place to camp for the night.

Finding a place is not a hard thing to do with a truck camper. We don’t need a huge spot and we found out the area was not packed with campers this weekend as it usually is. So we ended up staying at a little campground called Flodelle Creek campground. A real nice heavily wooded place with about 9 sites. The place has a pit bathroom and even has potable water at a hand pump station. The campground is free to stay at with the Washington discovery pass. It was very quite there. We had our dinner and went to bed shortly afterward. After we left on Saturday morning I thought, “oh man, I didn’t get any pictures of the place”. So no pictures but it is worth checking out if you are in the area.

On Saturday we did a bit of driving to a couple different lakes. One was Pierre Lake north of Kettle Falls. What a beautiful lake. The campground was full but we were just there to find a geocache to complete a challenge we were doing. We will be back sometime to enjoy this lake. The next lake was south of Kettle Falls and was called Lake Ellen. It is another pretty lake but the campground is not as nice as at the other lake. Still it was great to visit the place. We then headed into Kettle Falls to turn in our cards that we got from the geocaches and receive our prize. Cody picked out a prize and I talked to the park ranger. He told us about a great little campground on the Columbia river north of town. Snag Cove. So that is where we went to stay for the rest of the day and stay the night.


you can barely see our camper through the trees to the right of the tent

you can barely see our camper through the trees to the right of the tent

We really liked this campground. It was $10.00 to stay as it is in peak season. We can handle that. The campground offers a pit bathroom, trash dumpster, potable water, boat launch and a dock. There were about 9 sites at this campground. We really enjoyed sitting and watching the Columbia river roll by. So relaxing. Of course a couple games had to be played with Cody.


We had a great time and will be back sometime to enjoy this campground again.

On sunday morning we left to head home. However we were taking our time and going the long way home. In fact at points of our travels home we drove the wrong direction, on purpose. We wanted to go on some roads we have never been on. Part of our journey took us to an old highway and bridge. We got out and did a little hike.


We then headed south to Inchelium Washington to cross the river at the ferry there. The drive took us along parts of the Columbia river with great views while driving.


waiting for the ferry

waiting for the ferry


We returned home late afternoon. Another enjoyable weekend. Yes it started with a snag but it ended up being a great snag.

a little snag – august 9-11 2013

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