new tires and a tree 9/27/14

I needed new front tires on the camper truck so in the morning I went to Perfection Tire in Spokane Washington to get that done. They had a set of highway tread type tires I wanted on hold for me. I gave them the keys and waited for the job to be done. When they called me up to the counter and said it was ready to go I saw my camper being drove up front and a few leaves and a small branch laying on the back of the camper and truck. I did not think much of it. I drove the camper home and the new tires were nice, smooth riding and quite. I parked the camper at home in its usual spot and after a little bit went out to wash the camper. That is when I saw it… TORN UP ROOF!  I KNEW I should have looked closely when I saw the little branch and a couple leaves on the truck back at the shop.

I called the shop right away and talked to the manager. He was very cooperative and said someone would call me first thing Monday morning. In the meantime there was nothing I could do but cover the roof to protect it.






Monday morning arrived and I talked to Perfection Tire about the situation. It is bad enough that it happened, accidents do happen. However the kid working on my truck and not saying anything, well that is a whole other story. To make matters worse we would be going on a trip next week. The manager at the tire shop said someone from their insurance would be calling right away. They did call right away, Farmers Insurance. They said to take it to whatever shop I wanted and get a temporary fix on the roof so we could go on our trip. Then after the trip to have it repaired completely.  So that is what I did.

I took the camper to Johnson RV in Spokane Washington and they did a good temporary fix on the roof with Eternabond tape. They also replaced my refrigerator vent. It was very great of them to get me in right away for this fix. So now we can still attend our rally next week. When we return from our trip they will have to replace the whole roof. A estimated cost of $3000.00.

temporary fix

temporary fix

I must say, Farmers has been very easy to deal with so far. They said “no problem” we will handle this for you. They called Johnson RV and are handling all the paperwork so I do not have to. The tire shop has also called a couple times today to make sure things are being handled for me. I do appreciate that service. It all would not have been so bad if the kid who did the damage spoke up. I don’t have very many warm happy feelings towards him at this point.

So we will see how it goes with a new roof in a few weeks. I will be sure to do a follow up story on it. For now, I am getting ready for our trip next week!


new tires and a tree 9/27/14

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