happy birthday 7/31 2015

Happy Birthday today to our camper. I know it sounds strange to mark the day but why not? Our camper has taken us on so many adventures making wonderful memories. Today marks the 5th year of owning our 2010 Adventurer 810ws. We bought it at RnR RV in Liberty Lake Washington. From that day on we have not regretted the purchase. With averaging 80-85 nights out a year every year since we bought it, it has been nothing but great times. We have had very little in any kind of repairs from breakage. There was a roof repair but that was because the tire shop guy drove it into the trees. Other than that, not much at all.

We take our camper out year round. We really enjoy winter camping too but our favorite time is autumn. The camper has always kept us warm and dry.

The first days the camper was hauled around by our old ugly but strong 3/4 ton GMC. Then soon afterwards we put the camper on our current truck, a 1 ton flatbed Chevy.

We look forward to more years of memories with the camper. Who knows where and what we will be doing but it will involve our Adventurer for sure!

first trip out with the camper







2015-06-25 19.38.00




happy birthday 7/31 2015

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