a torklift christmas 12/25 2016

Merry Christmas. This is ole Saint Nick typing up a little Christmas story for The TC Life.

Rich (The TC Life) had answered a question on Truck Camper Magazine about what one item would you like for your camper or truck for Christmas this year. Well, Rich and Joanne are pretty setup with the camper and the truck now and there is not much else they really need. Rich stated on the magazines question that now that he takes the camper on and off, a set of Torklift’s Camper Packers would be really nice to have. Up to this time, he had been using some simple saw horses and cinder blocks to rest the camper on. Not the best but it worked temporarily. The Camper Packers are far more stronger and much better to use. So that is what Rich put down for his Christmas item wish.

Little did he know that with Torklifts help, they would be sending him a set of those Camper Packers.  Well, as you can imaging I am pretty darn busy this time of year but I managed to get the Camper Packers put together. My Christmas shop was pretty full right now but Mrs. Clause let me put them together in the house. Just as long as I cleaned up after myself. I found that the instructions were easy to follow and in no time I had the set put together. I packed them up in my sleigh and placed them in front of Rich and Joanne’s Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

Rich woke up Christmas morning and saw the Camper Packers sitting there in front of the tree. He was so very excited and so very grateful to have been given a set for Christmas.

It just goes to prove that believing in Christmas and well…Santa of course, is a great thing to do. Never let that Christmas spirit leave you.

Merry Christmas.

rich, excited to see the camper packers

rich, excited to see the camper packers

they work perfectly

they work perfectly

very sturdy for sure

very sturdy for sure


a torklift Christmas 12/25/2016

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