a machine, a cache machine 3/17 – 3/19 2017

The weekend had arrived and there would be a bunch of geocaching involved in this trip. We would be participating in what is called a cache machine. What is a cache machine? Well, it is geocaching for 12 straight hours all based around the solstice or at least it is planned during the solstices. There is a planned route that is supplied for you to follow. You do not have to follow it exactly, everything is up to you in the end. So I guess, it is a recommendation.   This one would start and end in Pullman Washington.

After some searching I found a small RV Park operated by the Pullman City Parks. It is right in town along a creek and in a treed area. A whole $25.00 a night for full hook ups. Perfect! We would arrive at the RV Park about 6 PM from our drive down from the Spokane area. We got parked and then walked to the local brewery, Paradise Creek. There would be a pre event gathering there. At a brewery? Well, I guess I just had to force myself there.

our spot for the weekend

We arrived at the brewery and then…oh…wait…it is a Friday night, St Patrick’s day and we are in a college town. Well, at least the WSU Cougars are on spring break. We had to wait about a half an hour but got in.  The beer and food are very good at this brewery. We have been here one other time a couple years ago. We had a great time, eating, drinking beer and visiting fellow geocachers.

joanne, cheers.

the brewery is in an old post office

A fellow geocaching friend gave us a ride back to the camper but not before going after a FTF. FTF is first to find, meaning you are the first person to find a new geocache.  It was a very fun search and we did indeed find it. After some comical errors, like…our friends phone died, my geocache app failed and it was dark and sprinkling rain. Joanne made the find after about a half and hour. It was a tough to find cache. We laughed and gave high fives.

Time to get to the camper and get some sleep. The start of the event would be 6:45 AM.

The morning arrived and so did our friend, Sally. Sally was new to geocaching but she heard about it from us lots of times before. She would join us on our long day adventure. She would drive and we would navigate. At each stop we would all get out to find the cache and sign the logbook.  We started at the listed starting cache then we skipped several of the other first caches. We then settled into finding each cache on the list. It would be a big loop drive from, Pullman to Lewiston to Clarkston to Moscow and then back to Pullman.

There were lots of fantastic caches found, so many amazing places to see and just a lot of fun.

a cache is hidden at this fun spot

lots of neat places

hey, if it going to flood in the spring…have fun

yep, found the cache

a stop at a virtual cache

a view down to Lewiston and clarkston

the old highway info

lots of history

We would find a bunch of caches then it was a pit stop at a pizza place where a lunch event would be for this day. It was well done and in need according to my stomach. A big thank you to those who set the lunch stop up for all of us. After the break, it was time to get back out there and find lots more caches.

a stop at another virtual cache

very cool

amazing for sure

we traveled highways and back roads

with the melt off and rains, flooding was around

one of the couple church stops

a very historic church


we love history

stops at so many historical places

one of the many neat buildings at the university of Idaho

so many great views along the route

We would end our full day of geocaching at a Mexican restaurant for the dinner event. There were a bunch of fellow cachers in attendance. Good food and 5 buck Margaritas.

time to relax and talk about the full day we had

our friend sally had a great time as well

all cachers

there were even more cachers who shoed up after these pictures

We would walk back to the camper and were soon asleep. A tiring day, very fun but tiring.

Sunday after breakfast we would gather things up and leave the RV Park. We would stay here again in the future for sure. We would take our time heading home finding a few caches along the way. Lots more historical spots and some just fun spots or get out to stretch the legs spots.

we will be back to explore the stores in the town

neat caboose

more history

loved this town

the flooded river

our easy to park caching camper

old bridge

a painted sign on the old bridge

did I mention we love history

history sign

more info

more information as well

Eventually we would stop looking for geocaches and make the drive home. We had a great time. Over the weekend we found a total of 80 caches. That is plenty for us. Some like to haul butt to find more but we take our time and look around at where the caches brought us to.


a machine, a cache machine 3/17 – 3/19 2017