for the last time? 3/4 – 3/5 2017

Really? Can it be? Will it be the last time we take our camper up to 49 Degrees North Ski Resort for this ski season? Yes, most likely. While the resort is open through the first week of April, our schedule is pretty full with other happenings. There is plenty of snow to last past that date  but the resort will close no matter. We might go up one more time but just for a day outing, no camper trip. So yes, it looks like it is indeed for the last time.

We left our house about 6 am on Saturday and arrived at the resort by 7:15 am. We got parked and had some breakfast. The sun, yes the glorious sun was shining bright and sending down its warmth. Before we walked up to the resort I had a nice few minutes sitting in the sun.

parked at the ski lodge

basking in the morning sun

We had such a great day on the mountain. Cody and I skied a couple more runs that we have not skied here. Bringing our “non skied this year” runs down from the 10 left on the list. The day was very warm with nothing but sun, sun, sun. A really great bluebird day.

starting the day at the lodge

it makes me giddy, so awesome

After a day of skiing it was back to the camper. We relaxed at camp and enjoyed the rest of the suns warmth. We chatted with a neighbor who was up skiing for the day as well. Soon we had the campfire going and sat around that into the evening before eventually going to bed.

joanne and one of our dogs buddy at camp

time for buddy to sit on my lap

start up the campfire

Sunday morning we woke up and had our coffee and breakfast. We heard what was freezing rain on the camper roof. Oh no, not freezing rain. Very shortly after it started it switched to snow. Okay, that is no problem at all. We walked the dogs then got our ski gear and went to the lodge.

snowing pretty good on sunday morning

Cody and I set out to ski some runs we have not done while Joanne went on the ski runs she likes. We skied only 3 runs before the weather went back to freezing rain. Yuck. Freezing rain making it so the goggles are covered in ice and you cant see, constantly wiping them off. It is just not much fun skiing in that. No big deal since we have season passes. We were already up at the mountain so skiing for a couple hours is okay.

Cody and I could not finish skiing the last few runs on the mountain today. We did get down to only 3 left to ski. So that makes it that we skied 79 out of the 82 named runs at 49 Degrees North this year. Not bad. We did ski an awesome double diamond (expert run) today that was pure exhilaration.  Wow, that run was very steep but so much fun.

trail map (click photos to enlarge)

We packed up our gear and loaded it in the camper. Soon we were on our way home. It has been a great ski year for us. Yes, maybe one more day trip up but maybe not. It was a little sad thinking that it might indeed be the last time skiing down the mountain for this season.


for the last time? 3/4 – 3/5 2017

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