spring break 4/1 – 4/9 2017

Spring break for the school that Cody goes to has arrived. Joanne and I took the week off for spring break as well. Our vacation would be delayed until inventory was complete at my work on Saturday. A bummer we lost a day of vacation but no choice. So we had the camper loaded up and we went to my work early morning Saturday. I went in to work while Joanne, Cody and the dogs hung out in the camper. I finished inventory about 10 am and we quickly left town. Our distention was Twin Lakes, west of Harrington Washington. It is remote BLM land and we love it there. It is free to camp and they even have a pit bathroom and fire rings as well as a few picnic tables.

Our spot.

We were right near the edge of the lower lake.

The creek between the two lakes was flowing strong.

Cody and I throwing the football around.

Time to relax the rest of the day.

We had a great first day and we slept very well with the quite night. The next morning the sun was rising and it looked like it would be a pretty nice day. After breakfast I took to the trails. I wanted to get our kayak out but there was a bit too much of a breeze to make it an enjoyable paddle. So exploring by foot was what I did. Joanne and Cody spent the day at camp. I set off to do a few miles of hiking, in the end it turned out to be an 8 mile trek. I took in the views and solitude. I even placed out a few geocaches to be found by fellow players of the game. I wanted to do a loop hike but was unable to cross where the trail went across a creek. The water levels were too high. No problem, I just backtracked the way I came.

The morning sunrise at camp.

Early spring and lots of ponds still. Lots of deer in the area as well.

A very beautiful canyon and waterfall.

Nope, not crossing that creek right now.

On my return hike the winds started picking up. By the time I got back to camp it was very windy, not any fun. We planned on staying another night before heading to Ephrata Washington for a night. With the very strong winds we decided to pack up and go a day early. We will be back again in June for sure to camp here again. Hopefully no winds so I can do some paddling with the kayak.

A quick picture on our way out.

We arrived in Ephrata Washington and got parked in a spot at Sunny Springs Resort. The site we had reserved for the following night had no one in it today so we could get in a day early. The winds were still around but here at the resort there were lots of trees to block the wind. It actually was a pretty nice day when out of the winds. Our time here was all about relaxing. We went nowhere for the two days we spent there. Nothing wrong with that. The park was pretty nice and the rates were very reasonable for full hook ups.

Our spot for two days.

All set to relax.

On Tuesday morning we left the RV Park and made the short drive to Quincy Lakes. The area is a Fish and Game area. Free dispersed camping as long as you have the Washington Discovery Pass. Lots of lakes and right above Potholes Coulee. We really looked forward to camping here and exploring. We have never had a chance to stay here. Spring and late fall are a great time to stay here. Summers get way too hot and there are lots of ticks and rattlesnakes.

Our spot for the next few nights.

Right on Evergreen Reservoirs water edge.

The coulee starts right at the edge over there.

Evergreen reservoir.

After we got camp set up we went for a hike. Just a short 3 mile hike. We returned to camp and ate lunch. We then set out for another hike, in the end we did 7.5 miles of hiking today. We found several geocaches and even more views to enjoy. What a pretty place to explore.

One of the many lakes in the area.

Amazing views.

Joanne and a waterfall in the background.

Me with a coulee view behind me.

More amazing views.

The views go on for miles.

Cody at some neat rock features.

We got back to camp and ate our dinner and relaxed the rest of the day. Our nights sleep was great with it being so quite. The next morning would bring great hiking weather. That is just what we did today, hiked and geocached. Today we ended up doing 5.5 miles.

We loved every view here.

Lots of trails in the area to explore.

Joanne holding a geocache container.

A bit of rock scrambling was done.

We went back to camp and spent another great night by the lake. Day three here would be…you guessed it…more hiking and geocaching. There is a lot to hike and explore here. Once again, any rain we had was overnight and our day hiking was wonderful.

Making our way down to the valley floor.

A great example of pillow lava.

A nice waterfall dumping into the lake.

I did a scramble up a steep hill to a pillar to get a cache and a view.

Joanne resting and looking at the views.

Some really neat lava waves.

We had one more night to spend in this lovely place. We had dinner then read some and fell asleep. The next morning we left fairly early. We made our way around to the northwest end of the coulee and parked at a trailhead. There were a couple geocaches we wanted to find. It would just be a simple 1 mile hike round trip today.

Our last lake view from our camping spot the morning we left.

We found our caches and great views.

After our short walk it was a drive to Leavenworth Washington. We would spend the next two nights there at the KOA. I wished there was something more to my liking than a KOA but there is not many choices to stay with a RV and still be in walking distance to town. So, the KOA it was. The use of the showers was very welcoming though!

We walked into town and our first stop was at a brewery of course. We had some beer and ate some food. After that we walked around a little bit before returning to the camper. We knew we would have all day tomorrow to spend in town.

Leavenworth is a German themed town.

River view in town.

Yep, we found the brewery.

The next morning we drove the camper into town and got a place to park on a side street. Since we would spend all day there it would be easier to take care of the dogs rather than walking back to camp. We found a spot easily enough since we were there early. We walked around town and…what…two other breweries are in this town? Well now, guess we will try them out later today. Until then we stopped at a coffee shop and had coffee and pastries. We then went and played a round of putting on real grass greens. We then shopped at many of the stores and yes, we tried out the breweries as well. I even got a new backpack for a great price. I needed something more than my day pack I have used for years.

Town view.

The mountains are so pretty.

We had fun playing the putting course.

Always a must stop at the hat store.

Lunch stop at one of the many restaurants.

More beer tasting, damn the luck.

It really was a nice day out.

Sunday morning We would pack up and make our way home. It was a great week off but we had to return to the work and school stuff. We took our time on the way home, finding a few more geocaches. We also stopped at a excellent little diner in Waterville Washington. It is called the Coyote Pass Diner. I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

Us at the diner.

Parked the camper right out front.

After breakfast, a few other caches were found. Then it was time to set sail and get home.

Old school house view.

We really had a wonderful time on our vacation. We wished we had a few more days but we had to get home. There still are more miles to hike in the Twin Lakes and Quincy Lakes area. Guess we will save that for another trip.


spring break 4/1 – 4/9 2017



2 thoughts on “spring break 4/1 – 4/9 2017

  1. I enjoy your trip reports. One of the nicest trips we took was in 2011 when we met you all and I beat Cody at some game we played. Cody is growing up. We traveled through your town last July on our way to Oregon in our Motor Home. The visit to Leavenworth brought back memories.

    • Hey there! Great to hear from you! What, you were in my area and did not contact us? Bummer! You know, motor home or not…you are always welcome to park in our driveway or attend one of our rallies.

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