cubs and caches 4/21 – 4/23 2017

This weekend we had a couple things going on. First was a night of camping with Cody’s Cub Scout Pack. Then we moved north to camp a night in Ione Washington.  A busy yet slow weekend all at once.

Friday we drove to Riverside State Park in Spokane Washington to stay for one night. It would be a night of camping with the Cub Scout Pack that Cody is in. Yeah, the boys and some parents stayed in tents. We, well…camped near the tent Cody and a fellow Scout friend slept in. We roughed it.  We stayed in one of the group sites and had plenty of room to spread out. There are no hookups for RV’s in the group sites. Talk about roughing it.

Our spot near the Spokane River.

Plenty of room at the site for a truck camper.

The dogs were happy to be out camping.

After dinner, Joanne and I taught the boys (and other family members) about Geocaching. After a short talk about it we did a short hike to a nearby geocache. We spilt into 2 groups and did one group at a time to look for the cache. That way it was not a complete crazy herding cats scene. They all had a great time finding the cache and they signed their names in the logbook. We returned to camp and had a nice time around the campfire.

The next morning we all packed up and went on our separate ways. We were going to go do a cleanup with other Boy Scouts but that plan did not pan out. So we pointed our truck and camper north and made our way to Ione Washington. The plan was to go up there to replace a couple geocaches. One cache was not mine but I said I would replace the missing cache since I was in the area. The other cache was mine that was stolen a while ago. We made a couple stops on the way to look for and find a cache.

A stop at a water access spot and near a geocache.

Yet another spot that easily accessed with a truck camper.

The Pend Oreille River is a very pretty river.

Lots of history always waiting to be read and shared.

We eventually made it to our spot for the night, Cedar RV Park in Ione Washington. This was a great spot. No it is not dispersed spread out camping but really a nice RV park type of place. The rates were amazingly low and it had full hookups, yes even including cable TV. We got set up and did nothing more than relax for the rest of the day. We did head out to a campfire that the owners of the park got going. We had a good time visiting with them and other people staying at the resort.

Our spot for Saturday night.

A view from behind our site.

They even have a nice grass area with more hookups.

While we were here I placed a new geocache. Across the road was a short prospecting tunnel. So I placed a cache there in the interesting spot.  If you are in there area and need a place to stay in your RV, I recommend this place.

The next morning we broke camp and made a loop drive up to Metaline Falls and back south by Sullivan Lake. Along the shores of the lake I needed to replace one of my caches that was stolen. We then made a drive back south and towards home with a stop to look for another cache.

A view near one of my caches at Sullivan Lake.

Another view of the lake looking south.

It was a fun weekend. Even while doing Geocache and Cub Scout chores. Well, those were not really chores at all, just things we love to do.


cubs and caches 4/21 – 4/23 2017


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