crushed grapes 5/5 – 5/9 2017

Crushed grapes, one of the processes to making wine. There is a lot of sampling that wine in Prosser Washington. We were to spend a few days with friends at Wine Country RV Park in Prosser Washington. We have gone every year for four years now. It is always a great time. This trip was Joanne and I. Cody and the dogs would be at home, big brother Jeff would watch them.

We left right after work and made the drive to Prosser. We arrived at the RV park just after 7 pm and got set up in our spot. There ended up being 8 RV rigs in attendance with our group, friends and friends of friends. It sure was nice seeing everyone once again. Although some were for shorter visits.

The next morning it was time to taste the wines! We would travel to Baker City area and try four wineries that day. Our favorite for the whole trip was our stop at Goose Ridge Winery. What a great place, great food, great wine and great staff. First thing was a stop at the Farmers Market in town.

Our spot at the RV park.

Big sites at the park.

Parked near the farmers market.

The first winery of the day.

Beautiful views from this winery.

Parked outside the winery along the hills.

Goose Ridge winery.

Inspecting the grapes.

Enjoying friends and wine.

Had fun playing bocce ball.

A view from the last winery stop for the day.

We returned to the RV Park and did a little wine tasting at the park office. Then a return back to the campers for dinner and visiting with friends. A great day.

The next morning Joanne and I went out in the morning to do a little bit of geocaching before catching back up with friends to do some wine tasting at a few other wineries. All our friends but one couple left the RV Park for their homes or other destinations.

Geocaching the top of the hills above Prosser.

A view of Prosser.

A small memorial in town for 911.

He did not seem to talk much.

Walter Clore was a big man it seems.

A neat place to visit and learn about wine.

We made a stop for beer at Horse Heaven Saloon.

Tried wine slushies at a winery.

One last stop at a winery for the day.

We had another great night back at camp and enjoyed the night. The next day Joanne and I would do a bit more geocaching. We found some very neat spots while geocaching. We also really enjoyed Granger with all the dinosaurs around town. We found several memorials too. There is a lot of patriotism in the area.

One of the cache stops.

Another cache stop.

An a amazing memorial in Sunnyside.

Bronze monument for the local astronaut.


So many things to see in Sunnyside.

Information on the old cabin.

Another military memorial in Sunnyside.

Great pride.

Another memorial in Granger.

Granger, the town of dinosaurs.

This one seemed gentle.

You ever get the feeling you are being followed?

What a pretty ….er bird?

So many to see in this town.

Another great memorial in Granger.

This one was having lunch.

A great park with a bunch of dinosaurs. The pond was a bit high right now though.

This guy was not so friendly.

Granger, a fun place to visit.

We returned to camp and met up with friends. A little more wine tasting before returning back to camp and enjoy the night. This would be our last night at the park.

At 14 Hands Winery.

While at camp the military was doing some training overhead.

The next morning it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes and made our way home. We did take our time going home while going the backroads and geocaching. We ended up making the 3 hour trip into a 6 1/2 hour trip home. It was a lot of fun and we saw some great places on the backroads.

A stop for a cache on a backroad.

Neat little town.

Enjoyable town.

We love the old west style.

Could not get to the old barn, it was private property.

A lunch stop in Washtucna.

Washtucna is another neat little town to explore.

A stop at a memorial in Ralston.

Memorial information.

Ralston information.

Old home along our travels.

We stopped at a couple old graveyards.

Eventually it was time to get home. We had such a wonderful trip. Really relaxing and so much fun exploring the region. Always a great time seeing friends as well. We have made this trip every year for four years. We will return again to Prosser this August for an event. Once again next year we will return but this time for  another event in June in 2018.


crushed grapes 5/5 – 5/9 2017




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