memorial day weekend 5/26 – 5/29 2017

Memorial Day Weekend was here. I wish to thank those that gave all so we are able to go camping or do whatever we wish on this three day weekend.

We left after work on Friday and made our way west towards Bridgeport Washington. We would spend one night at the state park there. Bridgeport state park is a wonderful park. The sites are very large and offer power and electric. Heck, there is even wifi although we found it was hard to connect to and slow when you did. Since cell coverage is spotty, it could be useful though.

Our spot for the night.

Another view of our spot.

Joanne walking one of our dogs.

Finished the evening with a campfire.

The night was quite and restful. We got up the next morning and had breakfast and walked the dogs around. We have drove through this state park a few years ago but this was the first time spending a night here. We would come back here again if given the chance.

Placard on a boulder.

Informational sign.

Looking back at our spot from near the bathrooms.

The Columbia River, this section known as Rufus Woods Lake behind Chief Joseph Dam.

Breakfast time.

We left camp around 830 am and started to make our way to Twisp Washington. We would driveway camp at our friends home for a couple days. First though was a few stops along the way to geocache. One of our stops was at the Fort Okanagan Visitors Center. We have drove by a few times before but it was in the off season and closed. It would be open this time so we got to explore there. A nice little museum and a spot with great views. We were glad to make the stop there.

Inside the museum.

A view from the center.

History marker and a geocache spot.

Another geocache and history stop on our way to Twisp.

Neat little school building.

It was time to get to our “resort” at our friends home. As we drove into the driveway we laughed at the cardboard sign welcoming us. We got parked and were welcomed by our friends.

High-end resort sign.

This would be our spot for the next two nights. Our camper parked among others, ours in the back.

We would chat for a little bit then we left to go geocache and then head into Winthrop and make a stop at the brewery for lunch and beverages.

One of our stops geocaching.

Outdoor seating at the brewery.

Me enjoying a tasty beer.

All the rivers are still moving fast and high with spring run off.

We returned back to the “resort” and had a fantastic night around the campfire. Yep, this high-end resort even had a campfire to sit around.

The next morning we would leave earlier in the morning and get to the Lookout Mountain trailhead while the day was not too hot yet. We hiked up to the top of the mountain and looked at the lookout. Yes, there were a couple geocaches to find on this trip as well. It was a nice hike, about 3 miles round trip. So a short hike but it does gain a good amount of elevation. After the mountain hike we stopped at a closed mine below that mountain. Another geocache to find here as well. After those adventures we returned back to camp and relaxed the rest of the day.

What a great morning for a hike.

I love mountain hikes. I also love my new backpack.

We came across just a little bit of snow on the trail.

Joanne and friend Sally resting along the trail.

Lookout tower in sight.

Made it to the top of the mountain.

Going up the lookout stairs.

Views from the catwalk.

The door was locked but we could look inside.

Neat tree along the trail.

Snack time before the hike back down the mountain.

The mine shaft we stopped to look at.

A return to camp and our relaxing spot for the rest of the day.

Monday was upon us and it would be time to return home. First though we set off early to go explore and find a couple geocaches. One we could not find, the other we could not get to because of too much snow on the mountain road. The third we found and we took in the views of the lake at a campground. After that stop we returned back to our friends home. We then said our goodbyes to our friends and headed home. Of course we would stop at a few geocaches along the way. We took a different way home for a section of the drive. It is getting near impossible to drive a different way home anymore as we have driven almost every route we can go. We made a stop at a nice little walking park along the Columbia River.

A view of a mountain lake.

Exploring a little park along the river.

Sculptures along the walking trail.

Another neat sculpture.

A view point and geocache stop going up one of the canyon roads.

We would make a stop at one of the little towns along the way to have lunch. We like to find a park and sit for a few while eating. After our lunch it was time to set sail for home.

Our lunchtime stop at a park.

A great time was spent on this extended weekend. Thanks to our friends for letting us invade their private resort. A bigger thank you to those that gave all so we could do trips like this on this Memorial Day Weekend.


memorial day weekend 5/26 – 5/29 2017


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