paddle and cache 6/1 – 6/4 2017

Paddle and cache, what is that? Well, Joanne and I were hosting a geocache event that would be about kayaking out on a lake to go find some geocaches. This is actually the fourth year of hosting this type of event but it was the first time we held it at a location where we could camp also.

We would return to a lake Joanne and I have camped at before, Twin Lakes. It is west of Harrington Washington and is BLM land(Bureau of Land Management). After work on Thursday, I made the drive out to the spot we wanted and got camp set up. For Thursday night it would only be me with the camper, no dogs, kids or wife. That was the first time I have spent a night like that in all the years we have owned a truck camper. It was pretty awesome with all the quite, not even in cell coverage either. Oh, I mean…it was so lonely (I forgot Joanne reads this blog as well).

Our spot for the next few days.

Got the pop ups for shade.

This is a great spot. The tent was for Cody to sleep in.

Friday was simply a slow relaxing day while waiting for Joanne, Cody and friends to show up. We would have two other RV’s show up and join in on the camping.  Friday morning there ended up being another set of RV’s show up to camp in another spot as well. They were parked a few hundred yards away.

Circling the wagons.

It was a nice little circle of friends.

We talked and enjoyed each others company while sitting around the campfire. A nice night for sure.

Friends sitting around the fire.

On Saturday morning there was a fairly good breeze. One of our friends had brought a kite and he flew the kite while we waited for the event to start. Another friend took a turn at flying it as well. Well, that did the job…flying the kite got the wind to stop.

A friend showing another how to fly the kite.

Soon fellow geocachers would show up at our camp spot for the geocache event. Several people, ready to set out on the lake in search of 3 geocaches I have hidden a few weeks earlier. We shared our kayaks and we had to make two separate trips for everyone to go out and paddle around. We cooked up hotdogs for everyone to each for lunch as well.

Getting ready for the first group to go out.

Eager to go find the caches.

I went out with a friend in our double kayak on the first trip.

Found all the caches.

One of the several little overhangs along the waters edge.

The second group heading out.

Everyone had a chance to go out on the lake. The weather was pretty darn nice, happy for that. Everyone visited for a while before heading their separate ways. One of our friends flew his kite as the breeze kicked up a little once again. He taught Cody how to fly it. Well… he did fly it but also found the creek was a wonderful trap for the kite. No problem though, the kite was retrieved and not damaged.

Water still flowing strongly.

Cody trying to get the kite.

Sunday morning after breakfast we would leave this lovely place. What a fun weekend it was. Even more fun to share the time with friends.


paddle and cache 6/1 – 6/4 2017

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