No travels? august 2017

No new posts lately on my blog, does that mean we have not been traveling? Well, yes and no. We have had the camper out a couple nights but we have been busy doing other things. Well, that and I had knee surgery done so that has slowed me down a bit.  We will be heading out for the next three weekends for sure, so there will be new trip reports done.

One thing I have been very busy doing is setting up a geocache challenge in Pend Oreille County of Washington State. I set one up in 2015 and the county asked for me to do another this year. So that took up a lot of my spare time. We did camp at the county park with friends on 8/4 – 8/6 2017. That was fun to relax with friends. The county park was the location for the kickoff event for the new geocache challenge

Our camper at the park

Our friends parked in front of us.

We have spent a little time looking at a new RV as well. Will we get something new right away? No…most likely in a few months. Will it be a truck camper? I am not sure to be honest. We love truck campers but the cost is so very high for them, at least for a well built one. For now, we will be traveling with the camper we have but we are looking.

So this is just a little note letting you know what has been going on since I have not posted a report in a while. As mentioned, there will be a few reports coming up very soon. We are on the move seeing and doing. Maybe slower until my knee heals up all the way but I am still moving!


no travels? august 2017


One thought on “No travels? august 2017

  1. I’ve been looking for new and used truck campers lately, I thought an upgrade from my hardshell would be nice. I was suprised to find out how expensive the big name campers are. They look great and modern but I’m thinking rebuilding an older model is more realistic for me. Good luck on your search and I love the blog.

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