beer and whiskey? 8/24 – 8/27 2017

It finally has arrived, the Beer and Whiskey Festival in Prosser Washington. We bought tickets for this event months ago. My knee is still not at 100% from surgery but this trip is all about sitting around most the time. No need to cancel this trip!

We left on Thursday morning and dropped Cody off at grandpas house for the time we are away. This trip is a 21 and over trip. Of course we had our dogs but they do not drink much. We set out making our way to Prosser. We stopped and found a few geocaches sort of along the way. We were in no hurry. We then stopped in Richland to find a specific geocache and then stopped at a food truck for lunch. Wow, the food was great. Curry chicken and rice, awesome.

A lunch stop in Richland at a food truck.

We arrived at Wine Country RV Park in Prosser Washington around 1 in the afternoon. We got set up in our spot and relaxed. We did take a dip in the pool to cool off. We did nothing else for the rest of the day but relax.

Our spot.

A view of our spot from the shade, it was hot.

Joanne doing some computer stuff.

We did not go anywhere at all on Friday. Later in the afternoon friends would show up in their 5th wheel and park next to us. We visited and had dinner there at our sites. Not much else went on, just a nice relaxing day, nothing wrong with that! Our dogs seemed to like the hanging out all day as well.

Trixie approves of how we spent the day.

Saturday morning started out with breakfast that our friends made, very yummy. Then Joanne, friend Sally and I took off to go do a bit of geocaching for a little while. The festival did not start until 5 pm so we had plenty of time. We went up on the ridge overlooking Prosser. Lots of great views even though there was smoke from wildfires.

Pretty views although smoke filled.

We found a few caches.

The day was getting pretty hot already and we thought a stop at 14 Hands Winery would be great to have a nice glass of wine. I love it when great minds think alike.

Joanne and friend Sally at 14 Hands Winery.

After a bit of vino it was time to head back to the resort. There we relaxed a bit before it was time to head to the resort office for our shuttle ride to the event. We had VIP tickets and that allowed us to enter an hour early before general admission. Wow, what a great layout. There were several whiskey, beer and food booths to be had. We walked around tasting and seeing what we wanted to come back and taste later. We got our table next to the band and made ourselves at home.

Friend George and I with our beer shirts at the event.

Soon enough the general admission crowds would arrive.

Lots of things to check out.

Joanne and I spending a fun night at the event.

We were next to the band all night.

We had plenty of things to try out at the event. The band was great and very entertaining. The event ended at 10pm and we would wait out in front for the shuttle to take us back to the resort. A great event and only the 4th year of it happening. This was the first year they did it in summer, before it was in October. If they do it again in August we will probably return next year.

Sunday morning we would pack up and head out towards home. Of course we took the slow back roads way for part of. Geocaching and just taking the sights in. We stopped at a nice Core of Engineers park along the Snake River in Windust Washington for lunch. A really nice spot and we will keep it in mind to go back to. Soon after lunch we hightailed it home. Back to Spokane and picked up our son Cody from grandpas.

Views along the backroads.

Parked along a wide spot to go look for a geocache.

Parked at the Core of Engineers park along the Snake River.

Nice grassy areas at the park and campground.

Monumental Dam on the Snake River.

Downriver view from the dam.

Views of the drive up out of the canyon.

A great trip, a great event and spent with great friends. What is not to like?

beer and whiskey? 8/24 – 8/27 2017


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