labor day weekend 8/31 – 9/4 2017

Labor Day Weekend and where should we go? For the last 5 years we would go to Schweitzer for the Fall Festival. This year we wanted to do something different. We always love going to Montana and spending time. So that is just what we did. We made reservations at Thompson Falls State Park. The state Park has several campsites, all dry camping. There are pit bathrooms and potable water with in the park.

We would leave after Joanne got done with work on Thursday and we made the drive to Thompson Falls. There were fires burning the forest up all over Montana and Thompson Falls did not escape. Although the fires were not far away, there were no evacuation orders for where we stayed and the smoke did hold off for a few of the days while we were there.

Our spot for the stay.

Cody stayed in the tent during this trip.

This park is wonderful, a true treasure. The Clark Fork River runs along the edge of the state park. The weather was hot and dry and the river made a great escape from the heat. We even had a very nice sandy beach to enjoy. Our first full day there we drove around the area geocaching and exploring the town. The dam area in town has great trails to explore. The town itself had a few little shops to check out. We also found a great small restaurant to have lunch and a beer while sitting out on the deck.

The Clark Fork River just 100 yards from our camp site.

Joanne walking the dogs along the river.

Views from camp.

So pretty.

There was a pond nearby our camp spot as well.

During the weekend kids from other camp spots fished at the pond.

Views from the bridge over the river.

We looked at the river for a long time during our visit.

After our morning walk around the park and after breakfast we made our way into town. Of course we looked for a few geocaches as well.

Lots of history in town.

The dam is very interesting and unique.

Fish ladder, you can only view from above.

Fish counts.

A view below the dam.

Time to stop in town and have lunch.

A nice rivers edge park in town.

Lunch time.

A view down the highway through town.

One of the several historic markers in town.

We eventually went back to camp to finish off the day. Relaxing at the river and camp was so great. Friends would show up and join us for a couple days. They camped at the site next to us. We also had other friends who camped in the park not far from us. So great to spend some time with friends.

Me relaxing on a rock in the river.

The rest of our night was filled with visiting with friends and well…emptying a whiskey bottle.

The next day we set off to explore more of the area and geocache. We would meet up with our friends back at the restaurant we stopped at before. Why not? It was a great place. We really wanted to visit the museum at the old jail. We could not though as they already closed for the season. Strange that they did before the holiday weekend.  Bummer.

An area just east of town.

The historic jail.

Really wished the museum was open.

Lunch with friends. Other friends joined us right after we took this picture.

After lunch we went back to camp. The smoke from nearby fires had moved into town fairly heavily. We made best of it, the weather was still great. We went back to swim in the river.

Joanne cools off in the river.

While walking back to camp from the river we noticed not just ash falling from the sky but larger chunks of bark. They were not hot embers but it still worried us a little. There still was not any evacuation notice. It was our last night there and we decided to pick up and pack away almost all our items. That way if any evacuation notice came it would be very quick to leave. That notice never did come and we remained safe the whole time.

One of the pieces of bark falling from the sky.

Our last day of our trip. Always sad to leave. We said goodbye to our friends, they would continue on their way on vacation. We took our time driving back home. We stopped many times looking for geocaches and to see historic markers.

Goodbye Montana, we had a great time.

One of the markers we stopped at on our way home, this one in Idaho.

In Idaho someone has a piece of the Berlin Wall in their yard.

We made a stop in Sandpoint Idaho to have lunch at a brewery. It was very busy and we had to wait. So we killed time by geocaching while waiting.

Joanne holds a geocache.

Even here in Sandpoint it was very smoky.  So many fires were burning.

Views of the smoke on our drive.

We had a great time as usual on our trip. We really love going back to Montana every time. Next Labor Day Weekend we will see where we end up. We just never know, so many places to see and things to do. The list is endless.


labor day weekend 8/31 – 9/4 2017






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