new years 12/29/2017 – 1/1/2018

New Years weekend and what to do? We have had a tradition of getting the camper out every year and celebrate the annual event. Once in a while we even make it until midnight but honestly…that is rarely. Did we make it to midnight this year?

We left the Spokane Washington area after work at 3:30 pm and made our way to Wilbur Washington. Our final destination was a couple more hours drive away and we would finish that the next day. Our drive was through some snow and freezing rain but we made it no problem. Our stay would be at Country Lane Campground in Wilbur. We have stayed here once before a few years ago. It is a nice little park along highway 2. The hosts are amazing people and do everything they can to make you happy. What more can you say about hosts that will do “room service” to your camper for breakfasts and dinners? We decided to eat the pizza they would have waiting for us on our arrival in the little dinning area after we got parked. We had a nice dinner with small chat. Then it was off to the camper to relax the rest of the night.

Through the night I heard the plow trucks go by several times. When I woke the next morning I expected there to be a good amount of new snow but there was only a 1/4 inch or so of ice over the older snow from freezing rain. Seems the plows were plowing ice?

We returned to the dinning room and had some fantastic biscuits and gravy. The hosts really know how to cook. It was a great breakfast to get us up and going to finish our drive to Twisp Washington.

Our park spot for the night in Wilbur.

The drive was fine, no problems really. The route we go is not all that busy either. Yeah we drove in 4×4 but it was a pretty relaxing drive filled with pretty winter views. We made a stop a couple times to look for a geocache. We also made a quick stop at Chief Joseph Dam overlook.

Our morning road conditions.

A view of the dam.

Looking into Bridgeport Washington and the Columbia River.

A stop to look for a geocache. This was closer to Twisp and the snow was up to my knees at this spot.

We arrived to our friends home in Twisp. We would do some driveway camping at the “Browns Resort”. It was great to visit our friends once again for a couple days. The rest of the day was pretty much a hang out day and visit.

Our welcome sign.

Our driveway spot.

The next morning after breakfast we would head into Winthrop just up the road and do a little geocaching. Soon after that we would be at Methow Valley Ciderhouse. I would be hosting a little geocache meet and greet with fellow cachers there. We had a great visit along with great cider. After that event it would be back to our friends home.

Joanne and I at a geocache spot.

Another geocache was at the museum.

We would end the night around a nice campfire sharing stories and beverages. Did we make it until midnight for New Years? Silly people…anyone that knows us, knows we are early risers. It is a lot for us to stay up until 10:00 pm. That was about the time we made it to for this night.

Our nice campfire made by our friends.

New Years morning. We had our mimosas that we always do on Christmas and New Years morning. We had a bit of breakfast then it was time to pack up. One of our friends would be hosting a little geocache event in Twisp for New Years. We went to that and really enjoyed the bakery where it was held. After the event we looked for a geocache that we had trouble finding. We were armed with a couple suggestions or hints of where to look. We quickly had that cache found. After that we would make our drive back home to Colbert Washington. Of course we stopped to look for a geocache or two on the way. The roads were no issue at all going home.

Easy driving on our way home.

A view of the Columbia River.

We hope this New Year brings you much joy. We look forward to yet another year and enjoying

The Truck Camper Life

(The TC Life)


new years 12/29/2017 – 1/1/2018


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