bring the soap 2/9 – 2/11 2018

Another weekend outing for us. We really enjoy the basin area of Washington in the non summer days of the year. During the summer, it is too hot for me. There are so many things to see that people overlook in that part of the state. With weather in the high 30’s it would not be to hot for me. So we set out to stay the weekend at Soap Lake Washington. We stayed at Smokiam RV Resort.

We arrived in the dark after work, it is still those shorter daytime days of the year. We eventually found our spot and got hooked up for the weekend. We relaxed inside for the night.

The next day we walked around the resort shortly after sunrise. This place really is a nice resort. Hardly anyone here this time of year is the bonus.

The view of Soap Lake not far from our spot.

Soap Lake looking south.

Looking back at the resort from the beach area.

Not many people here.

Soap Lake is very interesting with its high mineral content. It is a very unique lake. Many people come to do mud baths in the summer for its “healing qualities”.

For us, it is far too cold for anything like that. Geocaching was on our agenda for the day. We had planned to do a hike and geocache but there was a pretty strong breeze and with low temperatures that made a very cold wind chill. So instead we decided to do a drive and geocache. We saw a lot of very pretty sights while on our excursion.

This is actually a sundial. Very cool.

Views on our drive while out geocaching.

Joanne finding a geocache.

Coulee sights.

Amazing views.

Orchards above the Columbia River.

Looking down at Crescent Bar at the Columbia River.

We checked out a new campground owned by Grant County. We will come back here in March for another weekend outing. We then returned back to camp for the night. At the resort the outdoor hot tub was available and we made use of it. Boy did that feel great.

Our hot tub view.

After some time spent in the hot tub we walked back to the camper. I wanted to start a campfire and relax around it but the cold breeze was still a bit too much for us. So we played some dominoes in the camper.

Playing games in the camper.

A bit later I stepped outside and noticed that the breeze had stopped. While it was still the winter cold, it was perfect for starting a campfire and relax around it. The rest of our night was spent that way.

A nice warm fire.

The next day we set out to do some more exploring and geocaching.

A fish hatchery down below a view point.

A neat mural in a Ephrata downtown pocket park.

This is a mural on the side of the theater in Ephrata.

We returned to the camper around lunchtime. It would be time to get going and return home.

This was the first time spent at this resort and we would return if given the chance. Summertime this place is very busy but during the off season, it is great. There still is a lot more to explore in this area and still that hiking I want to do at some point. It is only a matter of time before we go back again. Besides, there are still more geocaches to find there.


bring the soap 2/9 – 2/11 2018


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