spring cache 3/23 – 3/25 2018

It is spring around here, though you would find it hard to believe with snow falling down in the area. No snow at our campsite for the weekend though. Our camp spot this trip was at Wenatchee Confluence State Park in Wenatchee Washington.

I made the drive to the state park after work on Friday. Joanne was already there as she left much earlier in the car. We would be camping next to friends at the state park. My drive there was not bad, a bit windy as a storm front was moving in. Snow was forecasted for the night into the morning but not where we would be camping. The state park is at a lower elevation.

I pulled in around 7:00 pm and got set up. Soon we were having dinner and beverages and sitting around a campfire with friends. It was a great start to the weekend.

This trip would be about geocaching. There was an event that started at 6:30 am and lasted up until the dinner gathering at 7:30 pm. So an all day event of caching.

The next morning nice and early we were up and ready to cache. It was a bit rainy but not too bad, it was pretty cold. It had snowed up higher in the surrounding hills but down in the river valley, so it was fine.

Before sunrise and ready to start a full day of geocaching. We cached with our friend Sally.

We found lots of geocaches through the day. In the late morning time the weather turned pretty nice and had sunshine. Glad it was not cold and wet all day.

Joanne finds a geocache.

The riverside trail sure was nice.

A look across the Columbia River and to where we are camped. You can see my camper there up front.

Sally finds another geocache.

We decided it was time to stop and have lunch. We were in Cashmere and there just happened to be a brewery I have been to that had great food. Uh, and beer too of course.

Great beer and food at Milepost 111 Brewery.

After fueling ourselves up it was back out to find more geocaches. We made a stop at the campground to walk our dogs. We met up with more friends and fellow geocachers at the campground. After a visit we set back out to find more caches.

I need to come back to the museum where this cache is and go through it.

Our dachshund herd.

View of our spot.

Nice big sites here at the state park.

A real nice place.

After finding several more geocaches we called it quits for the day. We met up with other friends at Saddle Rock Pub for pizza and beer for dinner. We had to get the Wenatchee pizza. It has apples and smoked bacon on it. Believe me, it is very good. I think we converted other skeptical people as well.

Friends at the pub. Sorry for the blurry picture. I need to fire the photographer.

After dinner it was back to camp and relax around the fire. I was pretty beat and could not stay awake for long so off to the nice warm bed in the camper I went.

The next morning we left fairly early. We had to get back to Spokane to get our son Cody. We did cache a little bit on the way home. Even came across some friends who were caching on the way home as well.

Pretty views on the way home.

Another great weekend spent out with the camper. I am amazed that with all the places we travel and camp at that we still find new places to stay. While we knew about the state park we stayed at, it was our first time spending a night there. It really is a nice place right in Wenatchee.


spring cache 3/23 – 3 /25 2018



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