a trip to the bar 3/9 – 3/11 2018

A trip to the bar? No, not that place of social gathering where adult beverages are consumed. I am talking about Crescent Bar in Washington. There is a newly rebuilt campground there owned by the county. Hmm…”social gathering”… “adult beverages”…I guess it IS the same kind of place.

We left the greater Spokane Washington area on Friday afternoon and made the drive to Crescent Bar. We got to the campground about 5 PM. This trip was just Joanne and I. No dogs or our youngest son on this outing. We arrived to our site and looked around to see that out of the 54 sites, we were the only ones there. No one ever arrived through the weekend. We had the whole place to ourselves. Our spot was about 30 feet from the shores of the Columbia River.  The sites have power. They will have sewer and water by next years time. The hook ups are there but not turned on. The county is still working on this campground.

Our spot for the weekend

Pretty views of the river here.

There is housing nearby but about 300 yards way. So not bad at all.

Empty sites.


Campground map.

We settled in for the night. Joanne made dinner for us then we relaxed in our chairs outside and watched the sunset and the river flow by.

An end to the Friday.


Sun sets on our day.

We had a very good nights sleep. There was only the sounds of Canadian Geese through parts of the night. Very quite here this time of year. The next morning while eating our breakfast some gals strutted by. They ended up being our only visitors through the weekend.

Looking out our window at the deer.

After breakfast we left our camp spot and drove around the area geocaching. We found several geocaches. On our outing today we drove up Rock Island Grade. A gravel road that is very very steep. The road was muddy in a few spots but not bad enough to put in four wheel drive. The views were amazing. The pictures do not show just how steep it was. Coming back down I had the truck in 1st gear, tow haul and my exhaust brake on. I still had to apply my brakes several times to keep the truck at the slow speed going down. It was really worth the drive up the road with the views.

One of the stops for a geocache and a view. Crescent Bar in the background.

View from a geocache spot along the river.

Rock Island Dam.

Out grabbing a cache. Going up the grade road.

Great views along the grade road.

Made it to the top of the grade.

So many views up on top.

We drove for a few miles up the road before turning around to go back down.

We made a stop at a park along the Columbia River in East Wenatchee and made lunch. After lunch We went and topped of fuel for the truck and found a few more geocaches. Then we made a stop at a winery. Wow, what a great winery. Great views while sitting out on a nice early spring day and having some wine. We really enjoyed the wines here and would go back for sure if we have the chance.

The winery.

One of the bottles of wine we got.

Joanne enjoying the day.

I was enjoying the day as well.

We returned to camp and relaxed there for the rest of the day. We finished our bottle of wine and watched the sunset once again.

I noticed how muddy the truck and camper got while driving the grade road earlier. I said to Joanne “You have some major cleaning to do” and all I got was the what are you talking about look. Along with some words that you can imagine were said.

A bit of cleaning to do.

I will clean later, time to sit for now.

Another great nights sleep. The next morning after breakfast we started on our way home. Yes, geocaching a bit on the way was the plan.

A stop at a pretty neat geocache.

Lenore Lake near Dry Falls.

A view of the lakes below Dry Falls.

It was really nice to have a weekend for just us. Even a bigger bonus that the campground was empty all weekend. Summer times that place will be full. We will return to that campground in the off season again sometime. What a treasure to have.

For now, it is time to get home and back to work. I look forward to another trip to the bar soon.


a trip to the bar 3/9 – 3/11 2018