wine time 5/3 – 5/6 2018

Once again the time has rolled around for a little gathering in Prosser Washington at Wine Country RV Park. This annual little gathering has been going on for a while. We had a few friends join us this year. Always the best part is seeing them again, even if only in short passing. We arrived Thursday night and quickly were settled into our spot for the next few days. The weather was fantastic. A great night to sit in a chair and relax.

Our spot, friends to the right of us.

Not camping but resorting this trip.

We had a good nights sleep. The morning sun was shinning and sitting in our chairs soaking up the sun rays was wonderful. A bit later in the morning we would go to a grocery store to buy some things. Afterwards we went out to find a few geocaches. We later joined up with friends at a winery and played some bocce ball. We also went to a couple other wineries after parking back at the RV park. There are several within walking distance from the park.

Joanne relaxing in the morning.

Me, relaxing as well. In no hurry to go anywhere.

One of the stops for a geocache.

Enjoying conversations and vino.

A serious game of bocce ball.

A last stop at another winery next to the RV park.

 After some wine we walked back to the campers. That evening we sat around our propane campfire and talked into the night. Another pretty day and night with warm temperatures.

The next morning we left to drive up to Zillah Washington to do some wine tasting there. Joanne and I set out to find several geocaches before meeting up with others in Zillah. We saw lots of great sights on the backroads. We love driving the slower backroads and try to do that as much as we can.

No geocache here but we had to stop to look.

The old Yellowstone Route marker sign.

A view from a winery in Zillah.

We went to a winery I have never been to and they were serving food. Especially asparagus. This year asparagus seemed to elude us but we finally found some. Asparagus is grown everywhere in this region. We had some great food and wine.

Fun times.

We went back to the RV park and socialized and had dinner. Another great end to a fun day.

The next morning was time to head back home. We packed up and left around 8 am. We would be taking the slow route back home, going on lots of backroads. Of course looking for geocaches along the way. We made the 2.5 hour drive home last around 5 hours. We were in no hurry.

A view to Othello Washington.

A cache spot along a canal.

So many neat old buildings to see.

Soon enough this building will crumble down.

Old barns dot the country side roads.

The old barn will fall down eventually, even with the propping up work.

An old International truck inside the barn.

The wall was leaning on the truck.

Off in the distant was the old trestle. West side of Lind Washington.

We made a stop at one of the parks in Lind Washington to have lunch in our camper. The little park had some neat ironworks on display.

An ironwork sign.

We left Lind and found a few more caches on the backroads. Eventually we made it up to the interstate and set sail for home.

Another enjoyable trip to Prosser was in the books. As with all the other trips down there, this one was lots of fun. For now, it is back to work. That is until the weekend when we have another short weekend trip planned. More about that in the next blog trip report.


wine time 5/3 – 5/6 2018



One thought on “wine time 5/3 – 5/6 2018

  1. We just drove through Prosser last weekend visiting family – but in rental car! It is a beautiful area and great wineries. We will have to put this one on our list for visiting in our TC when we retire. Our weekend TC trips have to be a 5 hour radius around Phoenix! Thanks for the post!

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