memorial weekend 5/25/18 – 5/28/18 2018

Memorial Day weekend. Thoughts are always sent to those no longer with us. Rest in peace.

We decided that for this extended weekend we would make our way down to Emigrant Springs state park in Oregon. Located between Pendleton and La Grande. The park is along the interstate and some freeway noise is heard. It is a park we have not stayed at and wanted to check it out though. So after work on Friday we made the drive south from Spokane to the park. We arrived about a half hour before dark. So there was time to get things set up at camp.

With the way our site was situated we decided that we would pull straight in instead of back in. We wanted our door to face back towards the campground and not out towards the freeway. Extending our water hose and power cord under the truck to the hookup station was no trouble at all.

After getting things set up we relaxed and enjoyed a beverage. We used our radiant heater to take the nights chill off. We had a power site so why not? The freeway noise was there but not too bad really. Later in the evening there was less traffic as well.

Our camp spot for the weekend.

Happy we pulled in instead of backed in.

Our radiant heater that hangs from the pop ups.

We slept well. The next day we would hang out in camp. Actually, that is pretty much what we did the whole time. Later in the morning we had a small meet and greet geocache gathering in camp. Not many showed but we enjoyed talking to those who did make it.

We explored the campground a bit before returning to camp to relax and play games. We read several historical markers around camp. This location is right along the Oregon trail.

Joanne is having a fun time.

Informational signs in the campground.

Historical marker in the park.

Joanne cooking up lunch for us.

Some of our dogs hanging outside. Others like to hang out in the camper.

Joanne and Cody playing games.

Yet another relaxing evening spent at camp for us.

On Sunday we would do a bit more exploring around the park. By foot. We hiked around a few miles going after geocaches and checking things out. Today was warmer and beautiful out.

More history of the area here.

Trail in the park.

Old home not far from the campground.

Pretty meadows in the area as well.

So much information to take in.

One of the Oregon trail markers.

The rest of the day and night was spent back at camp. So as you see, we were really roughing it this trip.

Monday morning would find us packing up to make our way home. Of course we would be taking some back roads and geocaching along the way. So our trip home took several more hours that it did to get to camp. Just they way we love to do it.

Oregon views.

So many impressive views.

We drove down the old road grade towards Pendleton.

Old buildings in farmlands. We love them.

Old barn.

School is out, I think.

Grain country.

We made a stop at Hat Rock state park for lunch. A nice picnic table in the shade called our name.  We did not explore more of the park this trip. It was getting hot and were not up for a stroll around. We will save it for another trip.

Lunch break.

About Hat Rock.

More about the rock formation and history.

Hat Rock view from our lunch spot.

After lunch we continued on our trip home. Still stopping for a couple more geocache finds and historical markers.

The mighty Columbia River.

We just can not get enough of history.

We tried to imagine what it was like back then. So many changes.

Soon enough it was time to get going and get home.

We had a good time at Emigrant Springs state park. In the end, I would prefer to stay somewhere farther form the interstate but if I needed a place to stop for the night…I would stay there again. The camp hosts and park rangers were amazing, very friendly. Everything was in great shape and taken care of.


memorial weekend 5/25/18 – 5/28/18 2018

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