tri cities geocache challenge 6/22/18 – 6/24/18

By now everyone should know that we like to geocache. It is a great hobby that takes us to all kinds of places. It highlights so many spots that we would never have known about. You have seen blog pictures of old farms on backroads, historical markers, amazing out of the way viewpoints and more that geocaching took us to. That is the main reason why we love geocaching, the places it takes us.

Geocaching also has large events to attend. Hundreds of fellow cachers at the same area to get their cache on. This weekend is about that. This year is the 9th annual Tri Cities (Washington) Challenge. Basically, at a specific time a bunch of new geocaches go “live” and you have a passport that you take along with you and go find those caches. In the passport you write down keywords or stamps or punches to prove you were there. At the end you return with the completed passport and receive a special geocoin.

This would be our 2nd time doing this challenge. Last time the temperatures were 110+ degrees out. This year was nice out, no worries of that too hot weather.

So after work on Friday we set out for Tri Cities from Spokane. Our camp spot was at Hood Park, only a few minutes from the event area. Fellow cachers and friends would be in a site next to us. We would be traveling around with those friends for the challenge as well.

Our camp spot.

Another view of our site.

Very large, shaded sites.

We spent the evening visiting with our friends after we got things set up. After a very peaceful nights sleep it was time to get up and cache. We went to the event area and waited for the caches to go live. That happened after a group photo.

We are there.

We had a great day traveling around the cities finding our treasure and filling out the passport. It was a full day of caching. With only a short stop to grab a burger for lunch. We retuned to the event area, handed over our passport and received our very cool coin.

Our caching group for the day at the last cache.

What a cool coin.

After completing the challenge we returned to camp to relax and have dinner. We visited with friends until dark. A fun day spent in Tri Cities. We talked about coming back to this campground again next year for this event. Next year would be the 10th annual.

Cody relaxing in the hammock.

The next morning we got things packed up and had a plan to do what we almost always do…take our time and take backroads home. That is what we did. We found more caches and things of interest to see.

A viewpoint above the Snake river.

Joanne signing a cache logbook.

Entrance to a very nice day use park on the Snake river.

No signs but thought it may have been an old school house.

Taking the gravel backroads.

Old home on top of a bluff.

Yet another old abandoned home.

If you look close there is a doe and 2 fawns in the shade of the building.

We like visiting old cemeteries.

Most of the cemetery is overgrown.

We were getting hungry so we made a stop in Ritzville to make lunch. The city park had a no dogs allowed. Bummer. So we went to the museum in town. There is a nice little grass strip with shade. Dogs were okay there. Once we pulled up we found another RV couple doing the same thing.

Parked at the museum.

Getting lunch.

Our dogs hanging out in the shade.

Joanne used the nearby bathroom and returned with a purse and phone. We looked to see if there was a contact phone number but came up empty. The phone had a lock on it as well. So we planned to find the cop shop in town to turn it in. Just then a officer drove by and we waved him down. We handed over what Joanne had found and told him where and how we found it. He said he was actually heading over here to look for it. The owner had called. I am sure the woman who left her items was thrilled to get everything back. We had a short chat with the officer and he commented about our dachshund herd, laughing about it.

We finished up lunch and made our way home. Another great outing.

Now it is time to get ready for our big trip to Oregon. Traveling around the state and attending the rally in La Grande. That is going to be a fun packed outing for a couple weeks. We just have to get through a few more workdays until we leave.


tri cities geocache challenge 6/22/18 – 6/24/18




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