a ride in the rain 9/21 – 9/23 2018

A ride in the rain on bicycles. After such a dry summer and many forest fires in the Pacific Northwest, rain is not such a bad thing. So a ride in the rain on this trip was fine really, not an issue.

Our trip this weekend would be over to Montana and to disperse camp near the east portal for the Hiawatha Trail. We would head there after work on Friday and find our spot. We really hoped for a different spot but we found one close to where we wanted to be. The original spot was being used. We got our things set up, started a campfire and had our dinner. Relaxing around the campfire took us long into the night.

Our spot for the night

Another view of our spot.

The road to the left goes to the trail head nearby.

Campfire time.

Joanne and I sitting around the fire.

We had a good nights sleep, it was very quite here. The next morning while Joanne was cooking breakfast we looked over at the really good spot we wanted, we noticed the person there was packing up. Joanne walked over there and asked if he was leaving. He said he was. So as soon as he left we moved our stuff over there. That was really the best spot along the road to the trailhead. Especially for the group coming to join us today.

This trip we would be joined by several Boy Scouts from our Troop 218. We had 10 young men in attendance along with 2 other adults and 2 siblings. This better spot was perfect for more tents and a couple more cars.

The additional crew showed up around noon. They got their things unloaded and soon we would ride our bikes up to the trailhead that was only 1/4 of a mile away.

Our new improved spot.

Set up and waiting for the Scouts to arrive.

The spot had a nice fire ring as well.

A small creek was right next to the spot as well.

Looking over to the spot we were before and farther back is the trail head area.

We would ride our bikes on the Premier section of the trail. A 15 mile ride through 10 tunnels, 7 trestles all while going down a slight grade. Yep, all downhill. The trail is a “rails to trails” kind of thing. Th trains are long gone from this place now. What a treasure to have for walking or riding bikes now though.

There would be me leading the group down the trail and we would have one other adult riding in the back. We had 14 people in our group for the ride. The rain…yes it rained often and hard at times. Well, that is what rain gear is for. Besides, it was not raining in the tunnels so all was okay. I did not get many pictures that I would post on this blog, simply because some have the boys in them. As with all social media I try to be carful on doing that. Trust me though, this trail is expectational and has many beautiful views. Lots of history signs along the way as well.  It is a must do!

One of the trestles is far in the background.

We arrived to the pick up point of the trail with a little blood, a couple minor breakdowns, a bit wet for some but with big smiles. It was a very fun trip down the trail. You can do the trip quickly but we took about 4 hours doing it. We could have made it longer if we stopped at every history sign but we had to be at the pick up point by 4pm.

We got the bikes loaded up in the trailer and got shuttled back to camp thanks to Joanne and another adult. Once back at camp the boys got the tents set up and soon would be cooking their dinner. Us adults would wait until they got themselves fed before we had our steaks.

Our muddy bikes.

Tents getting set up.

More tents set up.

About ready for the boys to cook their dinner.

The rest of the night we all sat around the campfire. The boys made smores and shared laughter. Soon all would be in bed for the night.

The next morning one by one, they awoke and climbed out of their tents. Joanne and I slept great in the camper…on the memory foam bed…with the furnace on. After breakfast they got their things loaded up and soon left for back home. We stayed for a few hours before departing. We were in no hurry. We stopped to look for a couple geocaches and took some side roads and stayed off the freeway when we could.

So much mining history in the area.

More history signs.

Joanne at a geocache location.

I don’t think this resort is taking reservations anymore.

After the last stop for a geocache at an abandoned RV resort, it was time to get home. A fun short trip with fun hanging out with “the boys” for part of the trip. The Hiawatha Trail is always fantastic.


a ride in the rain 9/21 – 9/23 2018




2 thoughts on “a ride in the rain 9/21 – 9/23 2018

  1. Next, you need to drive the Moon Pass Road south from Wallace to the St. Maries River. Lots of tunnels, scenic and boondock spots. Enjoy your postings.

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