fall caravan 10/4 – 10/8 2018

The weather was changing from our hot dry summer to the cooler colorful fall season. A perfect time to get the camper out and enjoy the North Central Washington area. Even better to do it with a bunch of others in a caravan. That is exactly what this trip was. It was a lot of fun with some great fellow truck camper people.

The whole caravan would be a simple and laid back kind of thing. We would meet at a RV park just north of Wilbur Washington and end in Metaline Washington. We had 4 nights together at 4 places for the night. We only drove about 60 miles each day and took about 2 hours to do it. We had stops along the way to make the experience even more enjoyable. This caravan was not about a step on the throttle and get there kind of thing.

Our first night we would meet at River Rue RV Park on Thursday. When we got there some where there already and others pulled in shortly afterwards. We all introduced ourselves and enjoyed the company. We sat around a campfire for a while before going to our campers for the night. In the morning we would not be leaving until 11am. I told you it was a laid back kind of caravan.

Our first nights stop at River Rue RV Park.

Some of the campers at the park.

Campers of all brands attended.

Very large sites here at the park.

We enjoyed our stay here.

The fire felt great with the cool evening.

After the relaxing morning it was time to do the 60 mile drive up to Gold Mountain RV Park near Republic Washington. Our drive would start with using the Keller ferry to cross the Columbia River. When I talked to the operators before they said they would make several trips to get us all. However once there, they got all of us on the ferry. Even better. After crossing the ferry we restaged on the other side and soon were off on the drive up to Republic. We made one stop for a few minutes at a large pull off before continuing on our way. Soon we arrived at the resort where we found our very welcoming RV Park employees. We got parked and shortly afterwards most of us went into town to check things out. Most of us made our way to Republic Brewery before returning to the park for the night. We ended another night around a fire, this time being a larger propane fire that friends brought with them.

Information before boarding the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry to return to our side.

Waiting to load up on the ferry.

Loaded up on the ferry.

Tight fit but they got us loaded on.

Even had room for a couple other non caravan people.

The short ride over the Columbia River.

A quick stop at a large pull out about halfway.

Our nights stop near Republic.

Very large sites, actually HUGE sites.

Everyone finding their spots.

Settling in.

Some of us at the brewery in town.

We had a great nights sleep and it was another pretty day for our next days drive. We had biscuits and gravy for breakfast that was supplied by friends Sally and George. Everyone enjoyed the breakfast, a big thank you to them for that. Our days drive today would be 50 miles away with several stops. I know, another long day. We left at 1030am since we had several stops on the route. We would arrive in Colville and stay at the fairgrounds for the night.  The fairgrounds put us where the vendors usually go instead of the full RV section. That was actually much better and nicer. Our stay there put us a whole 3 blocks from where we all would go for dinner together, Ranch Chico. After dinner most everyone retired to their campers early. Was it the long tiring drive? Was it the full stomachs of great food? Was it the margaritas? Well, I will let you figure that one out.

Breakfast before leaving Republic.

Thanks again for breakfast Sally and George.

Driving up the pass from Republic.

One of the several stops along highway 20.

Fall colors along a path to the viewpoint.

Trees are growing big and blocking the view but showing the return of a forest after a fire.

Information sign at the viewpoint.

Pretty moisture on a evergreen.

The top of Sherman Pass, a little snow in shade but roads were clear.

Information on the area.

Stopped at the top of the pass.

Another view at top of the pass.

Making our way over the pass.

More making their way.

They keep coming.

Wrapping up the caravan line.

Another stop along the drive.

Parked for a few minutes.

A nice heritage site memorial.

A view from the walk around.

Stopped at another heritage site.

At another stop and checking things out.

Showing a log flume.

Railroads brought in for logging.

What use to be a railroad track.

Making our way to Colville.

Our spot at the fairgrounds.

Nice green grass at our spots.

Really enjoyed our stay here.

Dinner together at Rancho Chico in Colville.

After yet another restful nights sleep we awoke to a bit colder morning. A hard frost hit over night. It is fall time. We would have a about a 49 mile drive today. We left at 11am and as the days before, we took 2 hours doing it with stops along the way. Our last nights stop would be in Metaline and we stayed at Mt Linton RV Park.

Stopped at a view point along the way.

One of the lakes along our drive.

At another viewpoint stop.

A stop at a waterfall viewpoint.

Some information on the area.

An easy short walk to the falls.

Sweet Creek Falls.

Looking back down the falls.

Our group on the caravan. Sally and George could not do this section with their schedule.

Parked at MT Linton RV Park.

We really like this place.

The owner of the park had a campfire ready to go upon our arrival. How cool is that?

We spent the last night together mostly around the campfire. It was a great ending to a fun trip. The next morning we would depart through out the morning and head to wherever the distention was. The weather really held out for our trip and of course that always helps. No matter what the weather would have done though, it would have been a great trip. It was a relaxing, interesting and filled with laughs trip. For those that decided not to go or could not make the trip…you missed out. Thank you to everyone who made it to the caravan, it was a pleasure meeting you either for the first time or seeing you once again.


fall caravan 10/4 – 10/8 2018