a little upgrade for winter use 1/27/19

This post is about a little easy upgrade I finally got around to doing for wintertime use of the camper. I have been wanting to do this easy upgrade for a long time.

 I have a heated basement on this camper but I want better airflow. My camper comes with 2 removable access panels to get to the piping and tank area. In the past I simply removed the panels and placed them in storage during the wintertime. With the panels removed they created much better airflow to prevent freezing during the cold ambient temperatures.

The access panels.

Access panels removed.

I wanted something better looking rather than a large hole. Another reason to finally get this project done was that we have dachshunds. I can just imagine a tiny little itty bitty morsel getting dropped down the hole in the floor and one of the dachshunds going after it. Next thing you know I would be fishing a stuck dog out of there.

So I went to the local hardware store and picked up a couple grill covers. All they had was almond color for the size I needed. In the end, that was better since my other vents in the camper are the same color. It was almost like I planned it that way. I did, didn’t I?

Grill cover I used.

Next things was to assemble the tools needed to complete the little project. Some tools were more important than others.

The needed tools for the job.

Next step was to measure and cut out the hole in the panels.

So its not a perfect cut but it will be hidden anyway.

Then finally after an exhausting amount of work, I screwed the grill cover over the hole. I also glued some of the edge stripping that was coming off during this massive overhaul. I then replaced the panels back to where they belonged. Much better I think.

Completed project.

I then had to get another important cold refreshing tool and use that while I admired the work completed.


a little upgrade for winter use 1/27/19