scouting steamboat rock 4/12-4/14 2019

This trip is a Scout campout at Steamboat Rock State Park in Washington. While the Scouts slept in tents along with other adults, Joanne and I said no way…we have a comfortable camper to use for this trip. After all, I have paid my dues of tent camping many years ago.

We arrived at the campground on Friday night just before it got dark and got things set up for the weekend. Dinners were made and a little time spent around the campfire. Joanne and I went to bed before the Scouts did, not very surprising at all.

The next morning we were up early as usual. No one else was up yet. We enjoyed our coffee while sitting outside. Slowly one by one, the group got up out of bed.

Troop 218 trailer.

Our setup for the weekend.

Pop ups were set up with rain in the forecast.

Tents all around us.

Everyone made their breakfast to start the day. It did sprinkle some rain a couple times but nothing that was a big deal. It was great to see that it was the only rain through the weekend. The temperatures were on the cold side with a bit breezy winds but overall it was fine. I guess that is easy for me to say as we slept in our warm camper.

After lunch it was time to climb up the “Rock” and do the hike. Joanne, Cody and I have done the hike before. In fact it was exactly to the day 5 years before that we did the hike. The whole group did a portion of the hike then some of the Scouts went back to camp while the other group of us did the full hike. The full hike ended up being 5.89 miles round trip from camp. A good hike with lots of great views.

The state park has lots of great shoreline to explore.

The start of the climb up.

The steep part.

Views up top are amazing.

On top it is relatively flat.

Endless views.

We returned back to camp with a feeling of accomplishment. The Scouts that went back early had already done their service project. So once we returned it was time for those Scouts to do their service project too. After that it was hang out at camp while Scouts played or worked on Scouting things. Dinners were made and more time spent around a campfire. Joanne and I went to bed earlier that night.

Sunday morning I was up early and sat outside to drink my coffee. There was a bunch of turkeys hanging around camp.

A big tom turkey.

Soon, everyone else woke up and got moving around. After lunch it was time to pack up and head home.

It was a fun trip, even though we did not tent camp while everyone else did. I must say that we did not loose any sleep over it while in our camper…on the memory foam bed…with the heater on.


scouting steamboat rock 4/12-4/14 2019