Getting the new camper home

We picked up the new camper from the factory and our first nights stay was at the manufacturer owners home. Jesse and Anca were gracious enough to let us park in the driveway and feed us too! It gave us some time to check things out with the camper while we had the attention of Jesse for any questions or concerns we had.

That night the one thing we noticed was how comfortable the mattress was. Very pleased that we would not have to go get a topper to make our nights sleep better. Okay, there was all kinds of things we were pleased with but a good nights sleep goes to the front of the line.

Moochdocking at Jesse and Anca’s home

The next morning we said thank you then goodbye for now. We needed to get home and had to start our drive for the day. It is about a 6 1/2 hour drive home but planned on doing it in two days. I try not to drive more than 5 hours at a time. If I have to I will but when there is an option, I will take the shorter drive days.

We stayed the next night at Canyon Pines RV Park in Pollock Idaho. We have stayed there before and it is a great resort. Right along the Little Salmon River with very nice sites. Great owners and they even deliver fresh baked pizza right to your site.

Backed into our site along the river
Nice to have a rear awning

As many people know, we do like our beer and often stop at breweries on our travels. I had a couple special beers I have held onto for a while and thought getting our new camper was special enough to open a couple up.

I love barrel aged beer
Special beer from a brewery we go to often

The rest of the night was checking out the camper more and enjoying our spot for the night.

Nice views from our site
Little Salmon River behind our site

The next morning after breakfast we finished up our drive home. Soon the plans started coming in on our future trips with the new camper.


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