Goodbye, 4 trips and stink

Now that we have our new camper it was time to sell our old camper. Our Adventurer that we bought new in 2010 was heavily used and brought us many fond memories but we did not need it anymore. I put it up for sale and it sold literally within minutes. I had to get one last picture of the camper before it left.

Goodbye Adventurer

Our first trip with the new camper was a tiring drive to the location…about 2 miles worth of driving. We were attending a small campout at a small local winery for the weekend. We had so many good laughs and great times with friends there at the winery. The winery is Shannon Faye Winery. A small place located just north of Spokane Washington.

Our spot a the winery
A few of us gathered
The first night was whiskey tasting
Pretty sunset that night

Our second trip was to Fort Spokane Campground in Washington. Our Scout Troop was there doing a weekend campout. We would be near them in a camp site. This was more of a just sit relax trip for us. Mainly seeing how things are still working with the camper. Figuring out where to put our stuff in what cupboard and so on. It was a relaxing trip for us.

Pretty unlevel site but doable with a truck camper
Very dry but still okay
Where we spent most of our time on this trip, the chairs

Our third trip was to Gifford Campground along the Columbia River in Washington. We were suppose to go to another campground farther north but there was a forest fire very close to to that spot. Even though we were fairly far from any fires at Gifford, the smoke was still very thick. Either we could stay home and sit in the smoke or go somewhere and use the camper in the smoke. Either way, smoke there would be. We opted to be out with the camper. Life is always better with the camper.

our spot at Gifford
Pretty empty campground with the smoke being so thick
Looking back from the river edge
Yeah, that dot in the sky was the sun
Pretty thick smoke

Our fourth trip was changed as well because of forest fires. On this trip we ended up going to Kellogg Idaho for the weekend. We went a day earlier so it made it a three day weekend for us. We stayed at Crystal Gold Mine RV Park. Not a bad park but pretty close to the freeway. The noise from the traffic did get to me but the proximity to things was great.

Lots of old mine equipment around the park
A pretty good spot
Full hookups
More old mine equipment around the park

The next morning we had an appointment to do some zip lining in Wallace just down the road. While it was a bit expensive, it was worth it. We had a great time. Great views as you zipped along the cables. We went to Silver Streak Zipline there in Wallace.

Joanne having fun
My turn
Even a couple tandem lines

After zip lining we did a short drive up to Burke Idaho to look at an old mine. Lots of history surrounds this area and there is a lot to see.

Lots of history signs

After the side trek we went back to Kellogg and enjoyed some beer and food at Radio Brewing.

Lots of choices of beer
The road by the brewery in Kellogg, us parked nearby

We went back to camp for the night and rested up for another day of exploring the next day. The second full day we did a gold mine tour right there at the RV park. Then we did a lot of geocaching. We also went into the local museum and spent a couple hours there. Then we ended back at the brewery for lunch before going back to the RV park.

A night shot of the camper
A great gold mine tour, look…a gold fish (yes its a trout)
Lots of interesting things
Lots of ducking for me at 6’4″
Joanne signing the logbook of a geocache
Mining memorial
Unique building in Kellogg
Another interesting geocache stop

The next day was time to go home. We took our time and took side roads, geocaching and exploring. We like to take sideroads.

Great rails to trails system
Looks like a good swimming hole

So, the stink part of the trip? Well it was pretty disgusting. Our black tank developed a leak. With the valve closed, sewage leaked out. We had full hookups so we left the valve open to minimize the issue. We contacted the manufacturer and they searched for a mobile mechanic but had no luck.

In the end the camper needed to go back to the factory to be fixed. The customer service was amazing and we could not ask for more. The owner himself drove the 6 1/2 hours up to get our camper and then haul it back down to be fixed. As we all know, most other manufacturers would never do something like that. Things happen and how it is handled is what matters.

A week later the owners hauled our camper back to us, all fixed…and disinfected. Yeah, it was a gross leak. The pipe from the tank to the valve had failed. Something very unusual to happen. They also fixed or made some changes to other things we needed done while at the factory. They even did a couple changes we did not ask for but was needed. Again, great customer service. They want the best and do everything to give the best. What more could you want?


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