Labor Day 2021

With the camper delivered back to us all fixed and good to go it was time to go on another trip. We would spend our long holiday weekend at Evans Campground along the Columbia River in Washington. We go to these campgrounds along the river often. There are several and we like them. Bonus that we get 1/2 off camping rates with my pass. So it is cost effective while staying at a pay camp spot.

Great spot with lots of space
A river view from camp too
Again, lots of space

We spent this weekend relaxing, walking around camp and playing games. All of which I dominated. Okay, maybe not and maybe I lost some of the games played but I am trying to remember things differently. Oh the shame.

Cheers to a good day

On Sunday we did a loop drive up to Northport Washington, crossed the river and drove back down the other side. Crossed the river again near Kettle Falls Washington then stopped at a pullout to make lunch. We found a few geocaches on the loop drive as well. Afterwards we returned to camp for the rest of the camping time.

Upper Columbia River view point
Good pullouts, nothing saying you could not camp there as well
Our lunchtime pullout spot
love our big windows

We were a bit surprised how low the river was already. Yes we have been experiencing a very bad draught but the water levels while being controlled by dams…was still very low already.

Low waters
Columbia River

The last couple nights there was no sunset, just too cloudy and smoky I guess. A bummer since we had such a great view from camp. The last night we finally got a little bit of a sunset. A good ending to a fun trip. Cheers!


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