Rainy day weekend 10/22-10/24 2021

It was forecasted to be a fairly rainy weekend with the early part of Saturday not real bad. We did not care, we can deal with the rain. The fact that we have a nice warm comfortable camper to sleep in and to escape real bad weather during the day makes it good to go.

Our trip this weekend was to Haag Cove campground near Kettle Falls Washington. Another campground along the Columbia river and is part of the National Park system. A bonus for us is that we get a discount for camping with my access pass. Half price fees are always a good thing. The campground policy changed last year and now require a reservation, no walk ups. I really like that. Now we know we will get a spot instead of driving there to see if there is a chance. Well, plenty of room for us on this trip as we were the only people camping at the campground. Awesome.

We got to camp right as the days last light was gone for the day. So we got a few things set up then enjoyed our propane fire under our popups. No, we have no worries of setting the popup on fire. The fire does not produce enough btu’s to be worried about it and it is something we have done for many years. It is enough to take the chill off yet be out of the rain. It was, lightly raining out as well.

Red kettle campfire

The light rain did not last through the night and things were very peaceful through the night. The next day, the weather looked pretty darn good. In fact, we never got any rain until that night and then it was a light passing shower. The weather turned out to be better than forecasted. Another reason to just go but be prepared when camping and dealing with weather.

Lots of these campgrounds along the river
Morning view out a camper window
We were prepared for rain with our popups

When we got to the site we reserved we noticed that it was slopped pretty good to the back of the site. With a truck camper we are small enough to park sideways into the site. That made leveling pretty simple.

Site 11

After we had breakfast we walked around the campground. That took a short while since this campground is fairly small. We then walked the shoreline a little ways around the cove. The fall colors were still very vibrant.

Our spot along the beach
Pretty colors
Looking across the cove to our camp spot

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, watching the river flow by and enjoying a beverage or two and listening to music. Joanne has an injured knee so I knew no hiking would be happening. That is also another reason why we decided to camp at Haag Cove instead of somewhere that has lots of hiking. It was no big deal, the views were fine enough to stare at and let the day drift away.

We did even get some sunshine
One of my barley pops I enjoyed

We had a good day and the night went by with a great nights sleep. Sunday morning and it was time to pack up and make our way home but not before taking in the sunrise and enjoying our coffee and breakfast.

view out the camper window

We would stop and look for a couple geocaches on our way while taking a slightly different way home. We would go south to Inchelium and use the ferry to cross the Columbia river over to Gifford.

The ferry
Loaded up on the ferry
A look at the Columbia river

The rest of the trip was good. A stop to top off the fuel tank, propane bottles and then dump the tanks. Now we are set and ready to go to next weekends adventure. Something about a hot spring in Montana I believe.


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