Healing waters 10/28 – 10/31 2021

Our trip this time was to Hot Springs Montana. We left on a Thursday after I got a “booster” shot. That in the end would have been better to get at a different time as I had some side effects but we still kept going on the trip. It would be a pretty relaxing trip anyway with no hiking or other adventurous activities.

We would be staying at Symes Hot Springs for a couple nights. They have recently purchased a lot just a few hundred feet away from the springs for where the RV’s park. The lot is not exactly a five star parking but we had power and a spot to park. That was really all we needed and it got the job done. We wondered if they will expand the power hookups because right now it is in one spot in the corner of the lot. I assume they will expand that.

Our first night would be dispersed camping along the Clark Fork river just down river from Noxon Montana. There is a section of land owned by Avista Power that they let people use. It was a great spot to stay for the night. Although we did not get to enjoy it while sitting outside as the rain was nonstop and we did not want to set up the popups since it was just an overnight stop. So we played games, listened to music and enjoyed the night inside the camper.

Our spot for the night
Right along the river
The road in
Playing dominoes at the dinette table
Lots of rain but still a great view

The next morning after breakfast we started our way to Hot Springs. It would be less than a 2 hour drive there but we lengthen that trip out a little bit because we would stop to look for a few geocaches along the way.

We eventually arrived to our distention and got parked in the spot by the power hookup. We got things set with the camper then got into our swim suits and made the short walk over to the resort and to soak in the mineral waters.

Nothing fancy for parking but it worked for us
The historic resort
The pools

Let me tell you about this resort. If you are looking for an updated 5 star rating hotel…you will need to go elsewhere. This is a rustic kind of place. The pools and water are awesome but the buildings are very rustic. This is also in a small town kind of tucked away. We love these kind of places and it was a perfect fit for us. But if you want more modern with fancier settings, keep looking somewhere else. Oh, at the time of our visit there is zero cell coverage for Verizon but there is coverage for AT&T. The local bars had Wi-Fi with guest logins though.

The rest of our time would be spent relaxing in the pools or visiting the businesses. We had a great time chatting with locals and enjoying our time away from home. One thing we noticed right away was the abundance of the local deer. Tons of them, just hanging around in town. Guess they knew they had a safe haven in town.

Deer hanging around near where we were parked
Main street looking east
Main street looking west

Saturday night we did go listen to a band at a place in town. They were pretty good and we had a great time. It was a Halloween party night. Sorry for the blurry picture but it was all that I had.

They were a pretty rocking band

Sunday morning came around and it was time to head home. We would extend the trip once again with a little geocaching along our way.

Clark Fork river near Paradise Montana
A pretty fall day in Montana

The trip was great. Although as mentioned might have been a bit better if I was feeling better. We would told ourselves we would love to come back again at some point. For us, it is only a 4 hour drive or so from our home. So a return trip could easily happen.

Our next trip will be in a few weeks from now. It will be during Thanksgiving weekend. For me, next weekend is tent camping with Scouts. Sleeping on the ground sucks but still a good time to be spent with Scouts doing Scouting things.


2 thoughts on “Healing waters 10/28 – 10/31 2021”

  1. Great review of your trip to my hometown! Actually I live up on the hill near the H in old Camas. I think our little town is a special place and it is great to see people come out and explore. I hope you return soon. When we aren’t traveling, our place is on boondockers/HH.


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