Thanksgiving 11/24 – 11/28 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 and like last year, we would spend it in our camper. This year with our new Rugged Mountain camper and this year at a different location. We would spend our holiday at Clearwater Crossing RV Park in Orofino Idaho. We stayed there once about 10 years ago and it is a nice park. Right along the Clearwater river and the sites are full hookups. Something that was helpful when making a full Thanksgiving day meal.

We left from my work a little early and made the 3 hour drive south from the Spokane Washington area. We still got to the park at dark but during this time of the year that seems to be at noon. We checked in and got parked and some things got set up for our stay. We would finish getting things set up the next day when there was daylight

Our site for our stay
Looking down river at our site
looking up river from our site

I was very surprised how full the park was this time of year. They have several people who stay during this off season time.

Still a few sites open but very busy still

We got our pop ups set up and then got our outdoor kitchen area ready to go for the Thanksgiving day meal. Even though we were out with our camper we would still have turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, brussel sprouts, 2 kinds of stuffing, rolls, cranberries and later on, pie. We brought down our Traeger and would smoke the turkey.

Our kitchen setup, hey…even another camper next to us
Joanne prepping the turkey
Turkey just fits

The day was spent relaxing and enjoying what the day brought us. Joanne had several things laid out so cooking the big meal was not hectic. We listened to music and enjoyed some special beverages. One was a Washington award winning barley wine (yes it is a beer) from our favorite brewery back home Humble Abode.

Very delicious

It was a bit chilly out so some hot drinks were on the menu as well. Hey, we are not driving anywhere so who cares? As long as we do not roll into the river all is good.

Happy Thanksgiving

I do the dishes when we are out with the camper. A “rule” that we agreed on many years ago when we started truck camping. The dish chore was not so bad when you have a nice view while doing the deed.

View while doing dishes

We do not have a nice camera so some pictures simply do not capture what we see. But we did watch Canadian geese float down the river. It looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

Geese having fun

Soon it was time to enjoy our feast. The turkey turned out fantastic along with all the other food Joanne made for us. What a good meal we had.

The turkey was great

After our dinner we walked into town to a park where they had Christmas lights set up. It was a nice short walk after our big meal.

Pretty lights
Fun lights
Nice job for a little town

The next day we lazed about at camp then eventually walked into town. We walked to a grocery store for a couple items and we searched for and found a few geocaches. We visited a few local shops as well. We did eventually end up in a tap house for a couple beers then it was back to camp.

A view in town. along a nice walkway

Saturday we would stay in camp. We would use the Traeger again, this time we smoked some ribs. We also did smoked macaroni cheese to go with the ribs. Wow, they turned out so damn good. Fall of the bone ribs.

Ribs going in the smoker
Very good ribs

Sunday morning came around and it was time to pack up and make our way home. We would go slightly out of our way because we wanted to stop at a brewery in Kendrick Idaho. We also stopped to find a couple geocaches of course. One was at a neat art type of display.

Neat stop for a geocache find

Hardware brewery is in Kendrick Idaho and they have great beer and the food is very good as well. We had our lunch there. This was our 2nd visit to this brewery. It is a bit out of the main way you would usually drive in the area. Right in town but the town is sort of out of the way. Well worth the time to go there though.

The brewery across the street
Hey, nice camper out there
Enjoying our stop here, our son Cody thrilled as usual

After our lunch we set sail for home. A great holiday outing for us. Very enjoyable. We talked about next year going to a hot springs for the holiday. That sounds like fun.

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well, no matter how you spent the time.


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