Breeden Falls 12/4 – 12/5 2021

We decided we wanted to spend a night out with the camper this weekend. We will not be out camping for the next 3 weeks since Joanne will have knee surgery then there is that whole Christmas thing going on. We decided to go to Escure Ranch public land area in Washington, owned by the BLM. This time we would be camping on the northern section at Breeden Falls.

We would leave home very early Saturday morning and drive the 1 1/2 hour drive to the spot and stay one night. Since it gets dark so early I did not want to attempt the road to the falls in the dark. The road into that section of the land is a single track pretty rough road. Nothing a car should attempt. Something with higher clearance is strongly suggested. For the near 2 miles in off the main gravel road it would be a mostly 5 MPH drive.

This is actually a good part of the road
The old bridge crossing Rock Creek near where we camped

We would get to the falls and on the other side of the bridge was a fairly level spot to camp along the road. It had good views and would get the job done. After we got parked we would walk to the bridge and view the falls. It is December and the water flow is much lower of course. Still pretty though. There was also a geocache nearby so we made the find on that too.

Our camp spot for the night
Breeden Falls
More of the falls
Below the falls
Geocache found
Our spot from the bridge and falls
Another view of our spot from the bridge

We would go back to the camper and start a campfire. The rest of the day was filled with not much of anything. No cell coverage and no busy schedule. Our only worry was when to cook lunch and dinner and what beverage we would drink next. Sometimes our outings are filled with things to do then there are trips like this where nothing is what we aimed to do. Just take in the scenery and relax.

Our view from our chairs
Me enjoying the peace and quite
Joanne seems to be doing well
It was a nice warm fire
Very pretty end to a great day
Enjoying the fire and the night

The weather turned out to be pretty nice. Saturday it got to 40F and overnight down to 29F. Not bad with it being the beginning of December.

The next morning we gradually got around to packing up and heading home. It was another nice trip to Escure Ranch area. This was our first time with the new camper to this area. It will not be the last trip there I am sure.

Sunday morning view from my chair

Our next outing will be for New Years. We have plans to go to Lolo Hot Springs in Montana. Just have to see what the weather will be. As long as it is not a major snow storm, we will be there.


3 thoughts on “Breeden Falls 12/4 – 12/5 2021”

  1. So, just saw you guys pulling in where we live at Oregon Trail Campground. I was curious what the logo stood on your truck sttod for, and searched online and found your WordPress blog. So, I wad drawn in and decided to read about your travels. The Breeden Falls trip you were on had some beautiful scenic pictures. Actually there were alot of good pictures. You appear like a fun loving couple, and local brewery beer connoisseurs? Sounds good. The pictures made me thirsty, ha ha. You do great blogging stories of your travels.
    We’ve been fulltime Rv’ers for about 7 years now, but haven’t traveled for quite a while. We haven’t done much exploring since we moved here last November from southern Oregon. Moving takes alot out you when you’re older. We’re liking it here though. It has taken awhile for us to adjust to single digit weather and snow that sticks longer than a day, but we made it through the worst of it, December and January. Folks here said it hasn’t been this cold and snowy since 5 years ago, so next winter should be a piece of cake right? 😎 We can’t wait to do what you two have been doing. We’ll be looking for some BLM spots toward the Sawtooth Mtn’s south of us. There’s so many places to explore in this state.
    Our trailer is winterized with insulation, so we have our tent and gear ready to go in our truck. We’re chomping at the bit to hike some trails, do a bit of rock hounding andΒ  camping under some star filled skies. Soon…..Β 
    Do miss the campfires. No pits here in this campground.
    Well, looks like you’re on the road again? Cheers 🍻 to both of you and safe travels. πŸŒ πŸŒ„
    Susan and Russ


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