New Years 12/31 2021 – 1/2/2022

New Years tradition. We have used our camper the last several years for the New Years holiday, it is a great way to start off the new year. This year was no exception for us. Our destination was Wallace Idaho and we would stay at Wallace RV Park. We have stayed at that RV park once a few years ago but this would be the first time during the winter. On this trip there would be over 3 feet of snow and lows around 8F and highs around 19F for the trip.

We left Friday morning and I90 was a bit icy. While the roads did not look bad, they were very slick, and we passed 2 accidents that morning. We did fine in 2 wheel drive and slowing down. The weight of the camper helps a lot for keeping that traction going as well.

I90 drive
Nice view of Coeur d’Alene Lake on our drive

We arrived at the RV park with no issues and picked a site we liked. Pretty easy since we were the only ones at the park. We backed into the site and got a snow shovel out to do a little snow removal. We needed the walkway beside the camper widened and then a spot to put our firepit and chairs. Another bonus, we were about 150 feet away from the brewery from our spot.

Site 3
The brewery in the distance
Nice little creek behind our spot

We got all settle in, then made our long journey of 150 feet to brewery. The brewery is North Idaho Mountain Brew and the restaurant is called City Limits. They have good beer, full bar service and really good food. We had lunch and a couple beers.

Starting off New Years eve

We eventually took a walk into town. Again, not a far walk from where we were staying. Wallace is a very historic town with several buildings on the National Historic Registry. It was where the last stop light on I90 was. The last brothel closed in 1988. It is also the Center of the Universe, just ask them. I am in place to argue about it. It is a fun town with lots of great hard-working people who like to have fun. Who are we to stop that? Just enjoy yourself and go with the flow. We do every time we go to Wallace.

Last stop light on I90
We love historic small towns
Center of the universe intersection

We eventually ended up at the other brewery in town, Wallace brewery. The brewery does not serve food, just a couple snacks but we ate already. They do have some great beers and the building is historic and comfortable.

Enjoying a couple of beers
Played a game of pool at the brewery too

We made a stop at a couple other places before returning to the camper. It was New Years eve night but we already knew we would not be up at midnight. Seldom do we. We are early risers and we made it all the way to about 8pm. Wow. We did sit around a campfire for a little bit while it lightly snowed on us. A great way to end the day in our opinion.

Ending the year 2021

First day of 2022 started for us at about 530am. Normal time for us to start the day. We spent 5 hours around the campfire and enjoyed, well…numerous mimosas. That is how we like to kick the new year off. The morning had breaks of sun and while temperatures were in the single digits, it was beautiful.

Start of our morning
First day of the year and our first campfire of the year
We loved looking at the snow-covered trees
The creek behind us

We did not do a lot that day. Relaxed, listened to music and just enjoyed the day.

On Sunday morning we gathered up the few things we had outside and made our way home. It was another perfect way to celebrate the holiday. The perfect way we love to do things. Our first trip of year 2022 and there will be many more to come.


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