Winter outing 1/14-1/16 2022

This weekends outing was to some property that friends have north of Spokane Washington. Joanne drove up with her car earlier in the day and I showed up with the camper after work and shortly after dark. We quickly got parked and enjoyed the night with friends around the campfire.

Parked at our friend’s property.

This weekend we would be just hanging out and visiting. We brought our Treager to cook up a few things and of course there were plenty of adult beverages to be had. Saturday started off with listening to music and drinking coffee while gazing out the dinette window in our camper.

Very comfortable sitting at the dinette in our new camper.
Our spot for the weekend.
Treager ready to start cooking up great food.

One of our dachshunds had some health issues and in fact we nearly lost him because of it. He is about 16 years old. He still needed some medicines, and it was easier if he went with us so Joanne could give the meds to him. So, Buddy got to come with us and without the other 3 dachshunds. In the end we think he was a bit lonely without the others though.

Buddy sitting on my lap while I have a morning cocktail.
Our Buddy boy.

The rest of the weekend was a great time. Lots of laughs and great conversations while just hanging out and enjoying winter. The weather was pretty mild with highs a little over freezing and lows a little under freezing. No winds and we all thought it was really nice weather for January.

We get asked about winter camping and what things we do to be able to do it with the camper. I will go over a couple things that we do. We found that they work great for us. Maybe our ideas and tricks will give you insight for winter camping, maybe not. No matter what, using the camper during winter can be a great time of year to get out. We really enjoy winter camping. With 3 solid months of winter in our area, we better embrace it or else it would suck.

We do winterize the water system. No fresh water in the tanks and lines are blown out and RV antifreeze sitting in the drain traps. We bring fresh water in jugs; I have a 5-gallon jug that we use. We still use the toilet. We just flush with either RV antifreeze or with winter washer fluid, whatever I get a better price on.

We do not block out our windows with insulated pads or whatever. We have windows so we can look out and do not want to block them. The little loss of heat is worth it to us. If we pull our shades down at night, they really do a great job of keeping the cold out and warmth in.

We do not use those insulated pillows on the inside of the roof vent openings. We have vent covers over our vents and they seem to do a good job with any heat loss. With this new camper we do have the emergency exit hatch above the bed. Since that cannot have a cover over it, we did make an insulated pad to place up in the hatch area.

Other than that, we do not really do anything else to be able to use the camper during winter. We have camped year round with our campers since we started truck camping years ago. Now, with our 4th camper we see no end to still camping year-round.

So, take a few precautions, get your camper ready and wear some nice dry warm clothes and enjoy winter. Yeah, some of you are in warmer climates but not all of us can be a snowbird.

Winter camping, it is indeed a great time to be out and enjoying your truck camper!

Enjoy winter!


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