15 miles 3/25 – 3/27 2022

A 15-mile hike but first let’s get to camp. This outing would be with our Scout Troop. Our distention would be Escure Ranch in Washington, a place Joanne and I love to go during the off season. This is about the end of the season for us going there as the ticks and rattlesnakes come out to play once it gets warmer. We will return to this area mid to late fall.

We had 21 Scouts and 9 adults in attendance for this campout. This kind of location we could take our camper, no need for me to sleep in a tent…I have proven I can do that and there is no need to prove it again is my thought. We would have one other adult show up with a camp trailer as well, everyone else…tenting it.

We got there a little before it got dark and got things set up. Campfires started and our dinners made. For me it was an earlier night and was in bed not long after dark.

The next morning, we would have breakfast and Scouts would get some Scout things done, learning some new things and hanging out with each other having fun. For our meals, the adults share with other adults. Scouts are on their own and they make whatever each Patrol brought. The adults always eat very well on these outings.

Around 10 am we set out to hike to Towell Falls. A 6.6-mile round trip hike. Fairly easy with one small hill. Easy for most but harder for others. We all made it back so an accomplishment no matter what skill level you are at. Joanne would stay at camp along with two of the Scouts. One had a injury so he could not hike, and for safety reasons there has to be what the Scouts call “2 deep”. So that is why two Scouts and Joanne.

Joanne would also be prepping our dinner for Saturday night. We brought our Treager and would smoke some briquet up. I used an inverter, connected to the camper batteries to produce the 110 volt power for the smoker. The solar panels kept the camper batteries charged. It all worked great.

Our spot at camp.
Our “tent” looks like a truck camper.
Inverter getting set up to use.
The Treager ready to cook.

The hike was really nice. A warm spring day with lots of great views. Once at the falls we hung around there for about 45 minutes before gathering up to hike back to camp.

Rock Creek along the trail.
A very nice day for a hike.
Me, loving the views.
Spring is arriving.
Some of the Scouts and a Scout leader seeing how deep the plunge pool was.

Some of the Scouts crossed the creek and walked over to the bigger falls but I stayed where I was. I had no plans on getting wet. It was great to relax by the falls where I was.

Once back at camp we made lunch and relaxed a little bit. A few of us, 6 Scouts and 3 Adults would continue our hiking adventure. Just another 8.4 miles to go so we could complete a 15-mile hike. We would make our way to Wall Lake. There was also a newer geocache there to find and I also would place a new geocache along our hike there. So off we went like a herd of turtles.

We saw lots of pretty views, a few deer and cows on our way to the lake. On our way back some of us saw plenty of deer very close. It was a narrow corridor, and we startled several deer and they startled us as well. Jumping out very close in front of us. I did not get a picture as it was a big surprise.

We got back to camp just fine as was elated and tired from the 15-mile hike completion. Dinner was great and the campfire warm. A perfect day out with Scouts and fellow adults.

Local wildlife.
Wall Lake.

Sunday morning after breakfast we walked up to the top of a hill and had views of the camp spot, the old ranch and the land around us. A bunch of Scouts would hike up to the top after us as well.

Escure Ranch in the distance.
Camping area.
Some of the Scouts on top of the hill.

Around noon we would pack up and leave and head home. We were blessed with fantastic weather. Although some said they were pretty cold Friday night in their tents. Funny, I did not notice the cold, even after turning the furnace temperature down. I don’t know, must have been them. A successful Scout outing. I look forward to returning to the area in a few months from now. When the ticks and snakes have gone away.


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