Labor Day Weekend 2022

We had plans to camp along the Columbia River for Labor Day weekend. Then a few weeks before the weekend I came across some information on a music festival in Colville Washington that would be going on over the weekend. After reading more about it we changed our plans and got our tickets to attend the festival, Farm Jam.

Farm Jam would have 3 days of bands playing, most of the music is country type of music, mixed with some southern rock and even a bluegrass band played as well. We arrived on Thursday and got our spot set up in the early evening. The bands would play Friday through Sunday. Monday we would leave and head home.

We got a end of row spot.

More RVs would be parked farther out later.

You can see the stage out there.

Sun setting on our arrival day.

Moon over the mountains.

We had a nice relaxing evening. It was a pretty night to hang outside and just enjoy life.

That evening was fairly quite with not so many people out partying. This setting is not a quite out in the woods weekend. No, things would be busier over the weekend. Quite time was 2am-8am but that was not really enforced. Not a big deal, we knew it was that kind of weekend for us and expected it that way.

Friday the bands would start at 5pm. So that gave us the day to relax at camp and talk to people walking by and also chat with our neighbors. It was a hot day and seeking shade was needed.

Soon it was time to walk over to the stage area and set our chairs up. We did have VIP tickets that gave us access to the front row standing area but we had our chairs out in the general area to sit in for some of the times. At the stage area there would be a few booths selling items including some with food. There was also a booth to get your beer and a couple other drinks. We found out quickly that the booth in the VIP area had more choices, thankful for that.

Big stage.

We sat in our chairs and watched the first couple bands play. We also got something to eat from one of the food booths. Then we made our way to the front center stage area to see the last couple bands play. We were very close to the stage and it was awesome.

Hanging out at the front.

Looking out from the front stage area.

Night time and time for the bigger bands to play.

Jessie Leigh was the nights final act. She was great and put on a heck of a show. Also, during part of her performance they brought out a giant flag to be over the crowd and move around. We were right where they brought it out and put it back. We held onto the flag edge and it was a very cool moment. I will include a link to her website and you can see on that page where they did the same thing at other festivals.

Under the flag, Joanne on the right.

Jessie Leigh.

After the show we walked back to the camper and relaxed with a beverage or three. People were out partying but we did not stay up all night. Many did, it is to be expected at a venue like this. Let them have fun I say.

Saturday came around and the bands would start at 2pm and end about 1030pm or so. Today was the bigger bands with the headliner final act to be Joe Nichols. Of course we had the same up front center viewing spot for the last 3 bands. All the bands that played were fantastic. Joe Nichols had a great show but for me…the band that played before him stole the show. It was an incredible show and just simply amazing. A hard act to follow. That band is called Scooter Brown Band. Here is a link to that bands page.

I did manage to get pictures of the RV area before the start of the bands. I took them from our camper roof perspective. Here are those pictures.

View towards the stage.

Lots of RVs.

Looking towards town.

Tents there too.

Still room for more.

Jon Wolfe

Scooter Brown Band.

Joe Nichols.

That night after the bands played there were even more, bigger and louder parties going on in the RV section. Apparently one area near us stayed up until 5am partying. We did not hear a thing, might have been that whiskey nightcap.

Sunday morning, the last day of music. Bands would start again at 2pm. There was one I wanted to see in particular, Tim Montana. While others were good, he was the one I was really wanting to see. They did not disappoint either. A great show!

Tim Montana.

Playing right in front of us.

After Tim Montana we went back to our chairs and watched the next act from there. Then once the 2nd to last act started we left, it was not to our liking. Cooper Alan may have a big following but well, it is not for us. Guess We are not young enough? Oh well, overall, the bands were all amazing in our opinion. Besides, we could still easily hear the music from our camper. I was happy to be sitting at camp, drinking my whiskey and enjoying the night.

Yes, once again there were people out partying after the shows but not as hard as the night before. Too hung over maybe? Even with all the fun times going on, we never saw an issue with people being drunk stupid. Just people having a lot of fun.

Over the weekend we showed several people our camper as many had questions about it. Since we were parked at the end of the row next to the main road in, we were very visible. We did not mind showing the camper to others and answering lots of questions. It was another way to meet even more great people from the region too.

Monday morning we packed up and headed home. What a great time we had and we both agreed that next year we would be back. We look forward to attending the Farm Jam 2023! Maybe we will see you there too?

Farm Jam link:


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