Hawk Creek 9/30 – 10/2 2022

Our destination for a weekend out was to Hawk Creek campground in Washington. It is another campground that is part of the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation area. The campground has 20 sites with no water, power or a dump station. It does have two pit bathrooms and even trash collection still during this time of year.

Hawk Creek forms an inlet that then flows into the Columbia River. Water levels fluctuate by Grand Coulee Dam farther down the Columbia. I know internet searches show the water is high enough so the courtesy dock at the campground can be used but apparently that is a pretty rare time of year. Most of the time the inlet area at the campground has very low water levels. So that is something to keep in mind if you have a boat with you. We had our kayak and the water level was high enough to not be an issue for our trip.

Sites are still by reservation only, I hope it stays that way honestly. We had site 18 on the back row away from the sites along the water side. Those sites along te water are really small, even for a truck camper. Some of the middle sites are large enough but the back row has a lot more room. In the end we were very happy with our site.

Our site.

Plenty of room for us.

The back row has a large space behind them.

The road coming into the campground.

The view coming into the campground.

A view from the far end of the campground.

Courtesy dock not very usable.

At the far end of the campground, just a very short walk from camp is where you can view the waterfall. At the base of the water fall is a small plunge pool where you could swim during those hot days to cool off. There still was plenty of water flowing through the area and the waterfall could be heard from most of the camp area.

The waterfall.

Joanne with our dogs at the waterfall.

Looking away from the waterfall.

A view back at camp.

We got settled in back at camp and took in the sights around us. There were several apple trees and the deer loved the apple supply. After watching them I thought about my supply of beer we brought. I guess we all were happy about what the day brought us.

Deer eating apples.

Enjoying my beer.

I looked forward to getting our kayak out the next day. We have an inflatable Sea Eagle. Something we have had for several years now and it has treated us well. Sea Eagles are built very well and our model is big enough for 2 people and can handle 650 lbs.

Sea Eagle.

Evening came and we enjoyed the night. We had good nights sleep and was refreshed for the next day. After coffee I took the kayak out for a morning paddle. There was a little fog on the water for that morning exploration.

Quite time on the water.

Exploring the channel of water.

A goose checking me out.

I eventually paddled back to camp. Joanne made us breakfast and we relaxed outside. I talked about the morning paddle and was excited to show Joanne the views. They were amazing. The fog lifted and soon we were out in the kayak.

Checking out the views.

Cliffs drop down to the water.

Coming out of the narrow channel.

I am not sure what breed of bird these were.

We eventually made our way back to camp after a really nice paddle out on he water. We grabbed our chairs and walked out to the sunshine area from camp. We listened to music via our Bluetooth speaker. It is great to have the speakers that we can move around instead of those outside speakers that are on some RV’s. We did not want those speakers on our camper. We get about a 150 foot range for our speakers.

Listening to music and taking in the views.

Eventually the sunshine moved closer to our camper. We moved to sit near the camper. Angel, one of our dogs was insisting on being with me. So she sat with me for a while. The other two were happy being in the pen and hanging out. All three of them enjoy being in the camper as well.

Angel sitting with me.

Hanging out together.

As I sat there in my chair I kept looking up at the hill behind our site. I just had to climb the hill…you know…because it was there. I looked at a deer path along the ridge and figured that would be the best route. So before lunch I went for the hike. The start of it had some fairly soft sandy dirt and I thought it was going to be a very hard long hike to the top if it was going to be like that. It changed not too far into the walk and I was grateful for that. The views were really great from up on top. I was glad I did it.

Making my way up.

Me climbing the hill.

Views from up top.

Looking down at the camper.

After spending a little time up top and taking in the views, I walked back to camp. We had our lunch and the rest of the day we stayed at camp.

That evening we had a pretty darn good show with our dinner. The locals put a skit on for us that was enjoyable to see.

The locals.

A nice healthy buck.

It was a nice warm evening. We watched the sun set for the day and stayed up to see stars. Something that we have a hard time doing during the summer as we are early risers and staying up late is not a usual thing. But now that sunset is early…we see stars!

End of a nice day.

Very nice.

We slept well once again in our nice comfy camper. The next morning after breakfast I once again went for a paddle out on the water. We did have a bunch of early morning visitors at camp.

Gobble gobble.

Looking back at the falls.

I sat here in the kayak for a while just looking around.

That is me at the bottom of this picture.

I am making way back to camp.

I got back to camp and we had our breakfast. After a little walk around the campground we packed up and made our way home. We had a really good time here and would come back to stay here again if the chance came up.

I look forward to our next outing and maybe even some more time out in the kayak. Hmmm…I think we have that covered already for this weekends next trip.


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