Fixed 12/14/22

Fixed, something I thought I would never hear. Our truck was finally fixed and is good to go now.

So what was the cause? Seems that a few things added up creating the issue of the transmission going into limp mode. Some of the things were a bigger cause. I am not going to call out the transmission shop that initially worked on it and tried to fix it as I try my best not to say negative things on here about other companies. I will say, they screwed up. No, it was not a malicious thing, they just did not do things right. It was very obvious that they were upset they could not figure it out.

The Dodge dealer in Post Falls Idaho, Findlay, was able to get it fixed. It was at the dealership for almost 7 weeks, although 2 days of that was the Thanksgiving holiday. They were able to repair some wire connections and terminals that were a problem and then replaced and repaired what the other shop tried but failed to do.

Service Manger Brian was a pleasure to deal with and was very fair and reasonable for our situation. Top notch mechanic Tommy was the person to get this job done, when no one else could figure it out. Tommy came recommended from various sources. He proved the recommendations were true.

Thank you to both those individuals for getting our truck back on the road. This has been a long aggravating, depressing time period that I am so happy to be out of.

Now, the camper is back on the truck and we will be heading out for a weekend trip. We miss the time out with our camper and are anxious to get back out there!


One thought on “Fixed 12/14/22”

  1. Thank you for allowing the opportunity to repair your truck. Most of all trusting my judgement and attention to detail. I apologize that it was an arduous ordeal. Most of all I am satisfied with the outcome and the fact of knowing that the truck will continue to serve you well through your adventures. Safe travels, Happy camping and Scout on!

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