Potlatch Idaho 12/16-12/18 2022

Finally, time to get the camper out for a weekend getaway. After far too long not being able to get the camper out due to truck issues, the time was finally here. We decided that we would stay at a small RV park in Potlatch Idaho. We could reserve a spot even during wintertime. Scenic 6 RV Park would be where we stayed. We knew about this park from trips before when we passed through but this would be the first time staying there. We arrived around 530PM in the dark, oh winter…you have so much darkness. Temperatures during our stay would get up to 23F and lows around 17F with wind chills around 12F.

Our spot for our stay

I knew there would be Christmas lights in the adjoining park but was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of lights in the RV park as well.

I got the outside things setup while Joanne got things setup inside. I soon had a fire going that we would relax by. We enjoyed our beverages and food sitting next to the campfire.

A view of lights in the RV park.
View of lights out the camper window.

During the night a thought came to my head…when was the last time I checked the propane tank levels? Good question.

So in the morning our first actions were to drive over to the fuel station across the street to get propane. Yep, one of the 7 gallon tanks was empty but at least the other tank was mostly full.

Got lucky.

Now back at our spot, it was time for coffee and breakfast. At ease knowing we have plenty of propane made things more relaxed again. Although with the other tank near full…we would have been fine. I am not going to test those waters though in the cold temperatures.

Mornings view out our window.

After breakfast we would walk around the park and check things out. The park has a lot of things to do there. Most of course was buried under snow right now and things shut off. There is 8th mile paved path around the park and RV park. Baseball fields, pickleball courts, a splash pad, Horsehoe pits and a lot more. All this land sits where the old sawmill use to be.

Potlatch Idaho was a “Company Town”. Meaning, it was designed and built in support of the sawmill. The sawmill here was the worlds largest white pine sawmill. The mill is long gone now but you can still see concrete foundations and other marks left by the old mill. In town at the old depot now has a museum in it. We would take a look at the museum on our walk around.

A view of our spot.
No feeding the reindeer.
The RV park in the background.
Display at the park.
Walking the old tracks into town.
The old depot.
Refurbished caboose.

The museum is small but has a lot of information inside. There is a small gift shop as well. We enjoyed our stop inside.

The sawmill.
The depot.

After our museum visit we made the short walk to a coffee shop, the Red Fir. There still are a couple magnificent buildings here in this town.

Is this being restored? We never found out.
We love old buildings.

We had a nice stop at the coffee shop. We actually stayed there drinking our coffee and relaxing for an hour or so.

One of the sitting areas in the coffee shop.

After the coffee shop we walked across the street to the Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill. We would have lunch there and a beverage. We played a little pool while there as well. The bar has standard bar hamburgers and other food. It was pretty good. In town there is not much for choices, it is a small town. They do have a grocery store in town too if you need to get something.

After lunch we walked around more of the old mill area. The Palouse River flows through the area. Mostly frozen over right now. There was a railcar left out on old tracks that went nowhere. That car was not going anywhere on tracks that disappear into what is now overgrown tracks.

Railcar left in isolation.
Palouse River.

After our walk we went back to camp and stayed there the rest of the night, with the exception of a short walk around at night to see the Christmas lights. I got another fire going and we enjoyed the rest of the day.

Sunset view from camp.
Lots of lights.
Lots to see.

It was a great day. Once again things to see, do and learn about the area made easy with the use of our camper.

Oh, one thing I suggest for those not use to winter camping to bring along, besides making sure you have enough propane…are shovels. If you live in a snow area, those are useful for the camp outings.


I was glad we brought ours since I had to shovel snow out of the firepit and all around it.

On Sunday we left and made the drive home. Our next outing coming up will be at a state park in Spokane for the New Years weekend. A tradition we have done for several years now, camping over that holiday.


3 thoughts on “Potlatch Idaho 12/16-12/18 2022”

  1. Glad you are back in that TC again! Your title caught my attention. We have a ton of Potlatch land here in northern Minnesota. They cut the aspens for paper-or they used to. Not as much paper needed anymore. We grouse hunt on a lot of Potlatch land (the grouse like the aspen trees to live in the younger stands and eat the catkins from the older trees). There’s a lot of area to boondock in, too.

    I hope you feel better-I read your New Year post, too. You guys are awesome camping in the winter!! We hope to take the TC south in a couple of months to try our first stab at TC snowbirding. 😊 Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was not aware of the Potlatch lands in that area. I do know about the history of the Iron Cities in that region though. I hope your trip out TC Snowbirding goes great, I am sure it will!


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