New Years 12/30/22 – 1/2/23

New years, we have a tradition of being out with the camper for the holiday. This year was no different but was close to not happening.

On my way home from work on the day we were to leave, I started feeling not so good, sick. Should I cancel and stay home? If in fact we were to travel a good distance from home that probably would have happened. In fact though, our outing would only be 16 miles from home. We would stay at Riverside State Park in Spokane Washington. Being so close to home, medical and so on made the choice of going still okay. Besides, the camper is our second home really. It is very comfortable, just like being home.

We pulled into our site, after engaging 4-wheel drive. The park does not plow sites but tries to do the access road. Seems the “try” may have been lacking on that. The truck did good with all wheels engaged and we got parked. Joanne did most of the setup as I just needed to sit and do nothing. We started the propane fire and I went to bed very early, but we were out with the camper.

Relaxing at camp.

The next morning I still felt like crap. But sitting doing nothing in my chair in nature was better than being huddled away. I had plans of hiking an other things for the weekend, none of which happened. Still, we did our best to enjoy the relaxing time.

A power site.
Not a bad site.

Joanne did use the smoker a couple times over the weekend. About all I was up to is try and maintain a fire. Joanne insured me that she still was having a good time, even if things were not like what I had planned.

Joanne cooking something up.
Watching the deer nearby.
Watching the deer was relaxing.
Enjoying the fire.

The next morning was New Year’s day. I was able to enjoy a little bit of a mimosa to call in the New Year. Another tradition we try to do.

New Years day morning.

The rest of the outing was more of the same, me taking lots of naps and sitting around. So not so exciting of a trip report as you see. But being out in our second home was still a good thing. The day we left I managed to walk a couple hundred yards to the “swinging bridge”. An icon of the park. After that we packed up and made the very short drive home.

All I did this trip.
The hot fire felt good.
Bridge history sign.
The bridge.
The Spokane River.

The trip did not turn out like I wanted but that is life at times. I still have been sick for a while as I write this. I am hoping tomorrow I can return to work. I did end up going to the doctor and found out I had influenza A. Sick for 11 days now but I am near the end of it finally.

Some trips are better than others but still being able to go out is what matters. That and having a camper that feels like home when not doing well to still use. There will be other trips, many more.

I hope you all have many more trips in your new years future. Just feel better than I felt is my hope!


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