Friends 1/13-1/15 2023

We wanted to get the camper out but I was still trying to get over being sick from Influenza A. While I was way past being contagious, I still felt like crap. Friends offered the option for us to go stay up at their property north of Spokane. This would be perfect as I could just sit and relax in a chair or the camper and Joanne could visit if I still felt really bad. Again, our camper is like a second home so relaxing in the camper when not feeling good is okay.

Our friend was plowing the driveway when we got there. Even with all that work, I still had to put it in 4×4 to get to our parking spot. Wet heavy snows would have made it impossible to get in if plowing was not done.

Our spot for the weekend.
A nice level spot.

We got set up (that was quick and easy) and then I sat in my chair. Soon they had a campfire going. I sat around that for a little while until some light rains and snow started to fall. We ate dinner in their travel trailer and soon I was off to bed.

Saturday morning came around and I FINALLY started to feel better. Kind of like the light switch that brought on the sickness…did the same thing having it leave. While I was not 100%, I felt a lot better. My appetite was back and I did not feel so damn tired.

Having the appetite back was a good thing. We all went on a short drive to Valley Washington to have lunch at a bar/restaurant called the Drop Tine. Valley is a very small town and the place we ate at did not look like much on the outside. Inside it was very nice and welcoming. Exactly the kind of places we like to go. The hamburgers were amazing, one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. The food was amazing for the rest of us as well. We would come back there for lunch if given the chance.

After lunch we went back and sat around a campfire. Beverages and talks went on through the night.

Nice fire to sit around.

Sunday morning came around and we eventually left to make the whole 24 mile drive home. It was great to visit with our friends. It was really good to be feeling a lot better again.

Influenza A is no joke. After 25 days I am still not completely over it. A little bit of a cough is hanging on. I am just happy to have it mostly gone.

Now we look forward to our next trip out. A brew fest in a small Washington town is coming up.


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