Rally this June 2023!

Joanne and I have hosted a lot of rallies and gatherings over the years. Anyone who has hosted a RV rally can tell you, it was a lot of work but every time it was worth ever minute of the work. Seeing fellow truck camper owners enjoying themselves, exchanging laughs and stories with other fellow TCers…makes us smile.

There comes a time where we would love to attend a rally and be free of any responsibilities though. The time has come. We will be attending the Northwest Truck Camper Rally in June. We will be doing a little work during that rally with help from another NATCOA member though. NATCOA is sponsoring a mimosa and donuts breakfast on the Friday morning. Just a two hour window of work then off to no responsibilities again.

We are really looking forward to getting more time to visit with fellow TCers. No worries of making sure things are going well and everything is handled. It is going to be a great time! We hope to see you fellow TCers out there at this rally too.


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