Cabin Fever 2/3 – 2/5 2023

Winter around here can give some people a little cabin fever. For us we do not get much of that fever as we still travel and enjoy the outdoors during the winter time. But we love this cabin fever.

Palouse Cabin Fever Brew Fest. An annual event that happens in the little town of Palouse Washington the first weekend of February. It is an outdoor event no matter what the weather brings. This year there were 11 breweries in attendance for the great event. It runs on the Saturday for about 5 hours. The best part in our thoughts is that it has a limited amount of tickets to attend. So it does not get too damn big. There are also a small amount of VIP tickets and that is what we get. This is the second time we have attended this fun brew fest.

The town of Palouse has small RV park with 10 sites. Full hookups, the water is shut off during winter times. There is a trash dumpster and that is about it other than hookups. It is a whole 2 blocks or so from where the brew fest happens. That is the best part, still in crawling distance.

We arrived on Friday after work, just a short 1 1/2 hour drive for us south of Spokane Washington. We got parked and set things up for the weekend. There were several deer in our site that were not happy we bothered them and made them move. Pretty sure they flipped my the hoof. Later on they got over it and came back around though.

Our site in #1.

Soon I had the pop up set, a couple walls attached to keep some cold out and got the propane fire going. Then it was time for a whiskey cocktail and relax the rest of the night.

A whiskey from Pendleton Oregon and some ginger beer for a mixer.
This is the good life.

The next morning after breakfast we walked around. We would geocache a little bit, there were 4 geocaches we looked for and found. We took in the sights as we enjoyed our little walk.

The RV park.
Lots of history here.
A nice park across from the RV park.
The Palouse River.
Do not think they use this much anymore.
A welcoming town for sure.
Still a good amount of ice on the river.
Too bad it is just rotting away.
There are a few old homes around still.
We love old buildings.
A neat sculpture in town.
Love the old ads.

We then stopped at Palouse Caboose bar and grill. They have a full bar with several craft beers. They have the smoker going all the time kicking out some fantastic meats. We enjoyed our lunch and beer then walked back to the camper. We had a couple hours still before the start of the brew fest.

Joanne having a good time.
Lunch time!

Time for the brew fest! With the VIP tickets we got to go in early. Soon we had all our extra goodies that the VIPs get. With a clean empty beer glass in hand it was time to start getting some beers in that glass. They had several fire pits going to keep people warm. Although this year it was pretty mild with temperatures around 40F. Darn nice for this time of year.

Time to fest.
Joanne keeping warm.
Everyone having fun.

We had so much fun. We talked to some of the brewery owners and workers, some of them we know. Like Humble Abode from Spokane, our “home” brewery where we are mug club members. They are fantastic people producing amazing beers. They ended up getting 2nd place for favorite beer and brewery as well. We all know it really was a 1st place win for them though.

After the brew fest was over we made the long 2 whole block walk back to the camper. We started up the propane fire again and enjoyed additional beverages at camp until the end of our day. What a fun day it was.

The propane fire works very well.

We had a good nights sleep and the next day got our things packed up. We made the not very long drive back home. Another Cabin Fever in the books.

We have really enjoyed some other brew fest in the past but they eventually got too big and out of control. We stopped going to some of them. This event is one we really love and hope they keep it going like it has been. We look forward to next year. Thanks to all of them that have a part of putting this fun event on, you all do an amazing job.


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